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Best practices for email marketing

The benefits of CPA Marketing and how the Consumer Protection Act has improved the quality of marketing and your brand's communications.
The terminology of the online world can get a little complex and confusing at times. With the forever changing developments and evolution of online technology it's important that you as a brand and business person know what is going on currently in the digital marketing world. Here are TWO types of CPA to consider for your digital marketing strategy.

What is CPA email marketing? (The first kind of CPA!)
CPA stands for Cost Per Action and is essentially a revenue sharing model and when implemented into your advertising or marketing strategy, can increase the leverage of your brand's success.

How does CPA email marketing work?
When your brand hosts its website links through a CPA network, they will get advertised on various publishing networks that the CPA network contains. So when those consumers become clients after clicking your link and signing up for your service, the publisher gets paid a fee from your affiliate's account.
This kind of affiliate program proves to be mutually beneficial since most of the publishing networks prefer to receive anticipated email communications in exchange of email propaganda of their online businesses in return.

Combining CPA Email Marketing with a customised social media strategy can make for a very powerful marketing scheme for your industry. Segmenting your target market for the online side of your business and adjusting your email marketing strategy to accommodate their specific requirements and interests is crucial to the success of your campaign. Using social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter can improve your click through rate and increase awareness of your brand.

The Consumer Protection Act(the second kind of CPA!) and Protection of Personal Information Bill was mostly implemented in October of last year and since then, it has been proven that it is the brand and not the buyer who should pay attention. In fact, by paying attention to these restrictions and changes in the law can really improve the quality of your communications. Says Cordell Brewer of TouchBasePro about the new laws for marketers, "Companies become more successful when they embrace laws and good practices that are meant to protect consumers," said Brewer. "This will be true in email marketing, too, because the regulation and discouragement of unwanted or unsolicited commercial mailing will work in the favour of legitimate marketers."

Segmentation of your target market and paying attention to each individual consumer's needs and requests is the new face of strategy in digital marketing. No longer is unanticipated bulk email marketing accepted or even considered in today's competitive and well considered market.

Brewer further added to the benefits brands can reap by complying with the CPA, "The adoption of stricter legislation regulating email marketing in the United States and Europe preceded a very strong growth curve in email marketing spending in these countries," concluded Brewer. "Strong but sensible, regulation of electronic direct marketing leads to better quality email campaigns, which translates into increased success levels for marketers. Marketers should not fear these laws, but see them for the opportunity they are."

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