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2011:The year for further Digital (Fire) growth in South Africa

Phew - end of the Digital Fire financial year on the 28th of February, the head hit the pillow with a resounding thump that night. If I don't see another spread sheet for a few weeks, that's okay by me.
The end of the financial year as a business owner is a bit like New Year's Eve; you look back at what has gone before and you look forward to what is to come in the year ahead (and you have a glass of wine or three.)

Looking back: Its been a great year for Digital Fire. We've doubled our annual revenue generation again (having done so every year for the last 4 since our inception) through provision of our digital media solutions, upsold to our existing clients who have been requesting more of our services, and taken on a raft of new ones - both in SA and abroad. We have also run some record breaking viral email marketing and digital media campaigns.

Looking forward: One of our core business competencies is, and will continue to be, helping clients generate maximum revenue from their email data bases and email marketing, in South Africa and internationally. A clean, profiled, well managed email marketing database is one of the most effective tools a company can have to help it retain customers, entice new ones, and drive sales and revenue.

At Digital Fire, I believe listening to our clients has been one of the keys to our successful growth. We don't try to push square pegs into round holes. We make sure that we create tailor-made digital media solutions for each of our clients, we don't subscribe to a "one size fits all" solution.

With that in mind, we've developed further digital offerings to compliment our email marketing; digital media is at its most powerful when part of a carefully planned digital media mix, the formation of which depends on the objectives of the client.

We now boast our own in house social media, search engine optimization and mobile marketing solutions, and provide state of the art A-Z email data management services (for such major clients as Flight Centre) as well as offering to advertisers - on a rental basis - carefully managed, profiled, opt-in consumer email data, which allows them to market specifically to their required target demographic.

"I get what I want by ensuring my clients get what they want." So said the late great Dale Carnegie; and this is a firm pillar of the Digital Fire philosophy.

The year's success has been built on delivering quality solutions for our clients.

We have provided innovative, engaging and high return on investment digital marketing and advertising solutions that have clearly and accountably driven awareness, sales and revenue for our clients. By doing so we have grown and strengthened our position.

The year ahead will hold more of the same business ethos but many more exciting projects. Have we got more to learn? Sure, but we'll ensure that we are keeping at the top of the digital wave so we can bring the best products and services to our clients.

We'll be increasing our market presence here amongst the digital agencies, increasing our flow of business from Europe, the UK and the US, and championing the use of lawful opt in email database marketing here in South Africa.

It's an exciting time for Digital; its proved its worth, and will continue to grow as an integral party of the marketing mix as it further permeates into our lives.

They say pride's a sin. Well, if so, I am a sinner. I am proud of my team, the growing business and the passion we bring to ensuring we deliver the best digital media solutions for our clients.

We've seen an upsurge in email marketing and digital media advertising in South Africa in 2010.

We'll be going flat out to ensure Digital Fire continues to be at the forefront in 2011.


10 Mar 2011 12:17


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