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Digital Fire wins new client Warner Brothers with Invictus e-mail marketing campaign

Digital Fire added an exciting new name to its rapidly growing client list - the Los Angeles-based Warner Bros which utilised their services for the Matt Damon/Morgan Freeman epic, Invictus, directed by Clint Eastwood.
“I was involved in the film, which depicts Mandela's brilliant diplomacy at the time of 1995 Rugby World cup, as one of the Springbok rugby players," said Thomas Boyd, MD of Digital Fire. “And during one of the breaks in the filming, I was talking to Lori McCreary the producer of the film and one of the partners in Revelations Entertainment (the other partner being Morgan Freeman). She was asking me about my business and I explained that Digital Fire facilitated targeted e-mail marketing to permission given data on a global scale.

"I went on to explain that one of the areas in which e-mail marketing was particularly effective is in the marketing of films. She was interested and at a further meeting (when I was not in my rugby gear!) I showed her some examples, case studies and comparisons with other media, all of which do not deliver the same ROI for an advertiser when compared to our opt-in e-mail medium. Sufficiently impressed she put me in touch with Warner Brothers at their head office in Los Angeles, on her return to the USA.

"A couple of conference calls later, with Warner Bros and Media Com New York City and we had agreed an Invictus opt-in e-mail marketing campaign to rugby and sport interested data in the USA with an eye to roll out globally to similar demographics.

"The results to the Invictus mailer were a 50% response rate with a strong viral pass on delivering superb ROI for Warner Bros.

“Entertainment advertising is a huge growth area in new media,” said Boyd. “We have run some superb high response campaigns for Ster-Kinekor, UIP and now Warner Brothers. We are further developing a new arm to the business -, which will focus specifically on movie and DVD marketing. The link to which can be found on our Digital Fire home page. Watch this space and go see the movie!

3 Mar 2010 16:38



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