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Digital Fire Target E Mail delivers a 33% response rate for SA clients targeting high LSM!

Digital Fire, the Cape Town based digital marketing agency and division of Spencer Boyd Associates International Media Consultancy, has launched its “Target E mail” system with excellent effect in South Africa generating record response rate for its clients.
Target E Mail allows advertisers to market their products and services in interactive Promo Mailer form to profiled groups both in SA and internationally, across such interests and demographics as Property, Finance, Travel, Income, Location, Gender, Marital status, Age, Lifestyle Spending Habits and many more.

Thomas Boyd MD of SBA Media and Digital Fire ( says:

“The Target E Mail solution we offer is the most effective form of on line marketing for clients looking to target the high income LSM here in SA and internationally. Our understanding and experience of UK and European digital marketing which is more advanced than the SA market has aided us in creating an SA operation that puts us ahead of the game. Whilst understanding that each country has differing consumer habits on line, our response rates and return on investment for our clients demonstrate our success and effectiveness here in SA.”

”The average response rates of a traditional direct marketing campaign are around 0.1%. We have run Target E Mail campaigns in the last three months here in SA with response rates of between 13% and 33%. Those are fantastic figures and show the power of our Target E mail solution.”

Digital Fire has organically grown its data bases, or entered into strategic partnerships with select publishers and data owners.

“All of our marketing is permission based. Our data is clean and profiled and fresh. We follow closely December 2003 UK marketing law, respect our customers and ensure we deliver information only on their interests,” Boyd says.

“Opt in e mail marketing which is the basis of Target E Mail is the fastest growing form of on line advertising in the UK and Europe due to the manifold benefits it offers marketers. We see no reason why this should not be replicated here in SA. Certainly our initial campaigns were great successes.”

“The on line community here is still small compared to overseas but it is by its very nature high LSM and its growing, it's already larger than DSTV. Agencies and Clients need to re evaluate their traditional spend and look at this tool. Those that don't are simply missing out.”

”We have tried to keep a low profile until we ran our first tester campaigns, but already we are being approached daily by more and more advertisers who have seen our Promo Mailers. We are being careful and selective on which advertisers we chose for our data.

Our Target E mail system allows advertisers to serve their products in a fast, personalised, engaging form, to niche target markets and open up a two way communication channel with them as well as track their response behaviour in a clear and accountable fashion. It has so much more value add than just banners and buttons. In fact it knocks the socks of just about every other form of marketing targeting the high LSM and we've got the results to prove it. It's a fantastic marketing tool,” says Boyd.

“We can help our clients create, grow, profile and market to data bases of consumers which match their exact target market locally and internationally.

One of our clients, Robertson Winery had a data base of 900 people. In the last three months we have increased that to 10,000 through our Target E mail Solution. That is 9,100 potential new customers! It has been far more effective than their traditional marketing or any other on line work that they have done.

We aim to duplicate this success across all our interest sections and for all our clients."

Thomas Boyd

Managing Director, Digital Fire and SBA Media

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30 Nov 2007 14:05



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