Enterprise IG is moving to 'Brand Land'

Enterprise IG's African head quarters is relocating from sleepy, leafy Sunninghill suburbia to the heart and pulse of Sandton's CBD.
Enterprise IG is moving to 'Brand Land' - Brand UnionAs change leaders in the brand design industry with a reputation for helping brands move forward into the 21st century, Enterprise IG is aspiring to new heights as it takes up residence on the 5th floor of The Forum building in Sandton. The move to its new urban locale is in line with Enterprise IG's strategic objectives of building closer relationships with both its clients as well as their customers.

Says MD David Blyth, "As the leading brand consultancy in South Africa, we felt the time was right to move with the times and into corporate hub of Africa's biggest and most vibrant city. We are moving to 'Brand Land'."

He adds that Enterprise IG is progressively leading the pack in relocating to a corporate, contemporary and cosmopolitan space in a cutting-edge environment. "Our new office space reflects our current head space. As strategic partners to some of the country's top brands, we felt it vital to be situated in the commercial and corporate apex of the continent, and immersing ourselves in an environment that both inspires and informs our designs.

"South Africa is daily becoming a more progressive, world class, integrated nation," says Blyth. "As a proudly South African enterprise, the new work space conceptually reflects our operational perspective and approach to our craft. It is deliberately open plan, transcending barriers and traditional hierarchies to instead bring together our expertise in a seamless and contemporary space."

Additionally, exclusionary hierarchies and exclusive executive perks are a thing of the past. "We've purposefully designed an egalitarian environment that holistically combines our skills and talents to offer our clients the best of Enterprise IG. Our previous home, with its layers of separation, was not designed for this coordination of activities that we believe is integral to our business."

"We have found a new home that is closer to the identity, spirit and ethos of Enterprise IG.

"As the African office of an international network that spans 23 offices in 21 countries, we are first and foremost African, but also part of the global village. In our new urban environment, we aspire to reflect and connect with the London, New York, Sydney and Shanghai climate of our sibling offices. It is this international heritage and global clientele that connects us to each other. We speak the same brand language as our clients - both locally and abroad.

"As visionaries, and in line with establishing Johannesburg as a world class city with big developments such as the Gautrain, destined to become the life vein of the city, we've got the foresight to be at the forefront of this revolution.

"It is a bold move, but one that is progressive, timeous and strategically in line with our thinking."

As of December 4, 2006, Enterprise IG will be found at:

The Forum, 5th Floor
Maude Str & 5th Str

T: +27 (0)11 895 9300
F: +27 (0)11 895 9301

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28 Nov 2006 16:33