Response to the state owned entities support pledge for community and small commercial media

The Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) would like to congratulate and welcome the important announcement made by the State Owned Entities Communicators Association (SOECA) and the State Owned Enterprises Procurement Forum (SOEPF) who both pledged their support for community and small commercial media as defined by the MDDA Act.
The agency applauds the leadership of SOECA and SOEPF on giving meaning and effect to both the MDDA Act and the call by the Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Communications for a minimum of 30% government advertising to be allocated to community and small commercial media.

"As we celebrate our 20 years of democracy and 20 years of community radio, this decision becomes most significant as it will ensure that the support goes a long way towards ensuring that the community and small commercial media become sustainable and they continue to play the critical role of educating and providing information to communities. This decision will deepen and enhance the agenda of promoting media diversity that is envisaged in the Constitution Act of 1996 and the MDDA Act of 2002. This will contribute to the sustainability of community and small commercial media, in so doing ensure sustainable media diversity. The MDDA will continue to engage with SOECA, SOEPF and the GCIS to implement this decision. Similarly, the MDDA will continue to assist the improvement of abilities and capacity of community and small commercial media to handle these campaigns." Said the MDDA CEO, Mr Lumko Mtimde.

The MDDA was established to help create an environment for media development and diversity that reflects the needs and aspirations of all South Africans. Our vision is to promote access to diversified media for all; whilst our mission is to ensure sustainable development of vibrant, innovative and people centred media.

26 Feb 2014 10:43