Mortimer Harvey
About Us
Who we are and what we do

Within our building (and it's a pretty one, even if we do say so ourselves) are 70ish somewhat obsessive people, all focused on one thing - delivering results for our clients' brands. And to do that, we combine HEART and SMART.

HEART is the abundance of passion we have for what we do every day, and it stems from the fact that we're independent, owner-run and proudly South African. SMART is all the industry stuff we know and the way we use it. You see, unlike our competition, we have real-life experts in nearly every communications field, all under one roof. The result is integrated, true 360-degree solutions.
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We're 22 years young and proud to embrace authentic BBBEE with our 26% shareholder, the Community and Individual Development Trust

Group Structure

With experts in all communications disciplines, all in one building, we can offer real integrated solutions from the get-go. Not only does this save massive amounts of time, we can limit the worry of third-party misinterpretation.

Mortimer Harvey
  • Through-The-Line Advertising
    • Brand development
    • Strategic and integrated marketing communications development
    • Promotions: integrated, interactive and experientially-driven solutions
    • Shopper/Customer Marketing
    • Direct Communications
    • Digital and Interactive
    • Public Relations
    • Television and Audio/Visual Production

  • Experiential Marketing
Mortimer Harvey