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about us
Images, Motion, Services sums up our complementary raft of services - aimed primarily at professionals in the fields of advertising, design, publishing, production and broadcasting. Our expertise and hands-on experience in these fields have been the foundation of our enterprise for more than two decades.

A rich resource of exquisite and relevant photography from leading RF and RM collections such as Corbis, Masterfile, StockFood, Image Source, OJO and many others - including the aFRIKA collection of superb local images, captured by local shooters.

Motion ("Footage")
Our resources of exceptional RM and RF footage include Corbis Motion, BBC Motion Gallery, Framepool, Thought Equity, OSF, Rubberball and the aFRIKA collection - with its sumptuous 35mmm and HD material captured by award-winning cinematographers.

Our Services include:
Leading SABS-spec vault storage and management facility for physical production elements.

Media Asset Management services in the digital domain. (Great Source)
Specialist Film and Image research.
Rights & Clearances