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Five ways to streamline your website

[Subhash Chandra] It seems human nature for people to go back to basics when things become cluttered and complex. Website designing is no exception.

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Transform websites into a lead generation machines

[Subhash Chandra] Aside from being the digital representation of your company or your brand, your website is your single most powerful tool to generate leads. If your site is not attracting the people you can turn into actual paying customers then it's not hardworking enough. You should definitely consider a website redesign to make your website a more potent lead magnet than what it is today.

Posted 1 year ago | Like (1)
Best programs to protect passwords

[Subhash Chandra] The majority of the regular internet users are youths starting from the age of six. In these years, their curiosity is in an all-time high, and the worldwide web has provided an easy access to all the answers.

Posted 1 year ago | Like
What to consider when redesigning a website

[Subhash Chandra] They say that the only constant thing in internet marketing is change and nothing proves this statement more than the ever-shifting design of websites. One day it's black, the next day it's white. One minute it's avant-garde, the next it's streamlined and minimalist.

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Take advantage of these hot marketing trends in 2013

[Subhash Chandra] NOIDA (UP), INDIA: Unlike the traditional forms of marketing such as advertising, wherein almost everything has been said and done, search marketing is still dynamically growing and best practices are invented day in and day out. Every year, search engine marketers get filled with anticipation wondering what would emerge as the "next big thing" in search marketing.

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