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Decorex SA Trend House to bring 2017 trends to life

The Decorex SA Trend House will provide visitors with real-world examples of how 2017 trends can be transformed into a #livingdream home. To be featured at the Durban show from 18-21 March, the design of the Trend House aims to connect this year's inspiring trends with the Decorex SA ‘Make your space your living dream' theme.
Image credit: @home

“It has been such an inspiring experience carefully analysing each revitalising trend and bringing it to life in various spaces,” explained Anita Bloom, creative director: Decorex SA. “The Trend House will be a true representation of the nurturing calm that underscores 2017 with a move away from self-involved technological obsession to a more naturally inspired, soothing sense that really rejuvenates the body and soul. And, in order to achieve this, we will be using only the best range of South African furnishings and décor, kindly sponsored by a number of exhibitors.”

2017 trends explored

Image credit: @home

Contrasting the cold, hard metal and plastic that dominate our world in the form of electronics, the Tactility Trend will bring soothing textures into the home with the use of soft throws and fluffy stools. This textured sense continues into the Urban Jungle Trend whereby we reconnect with the natural world by bringing potted plants and wooden features into the home. This use of biomimicry – mimicking the look and feel of nature – can be seen in the various coffee tables used in the living room area. This unstructured look is carefully contrasted with the Linear Trend through the use of thin, black metal legs on selected furniture pieces.

A strong sense of the #livingdream theme is felt in the Cosy Hovering Trend with the hanging of swing chairs on the patio, encouraging relaxation with a book. The feeling of suspension, as well as the, rocking motion create a space of comfort with the feeling of disconnection reminiscent of the electronic unplugging. And, in an attempt to free the mind, the Map Trend – created through use of large, old-world maps – prompts the imagination to wander into far-off lands while sparking memories of previous travel experiences.

Image credit: @home

Neutral pastels continue this sense of calm into the bedroom area with the popular Rose Gold Trend – used in home and décor accessories as well as cutlery – perfectly suited to the Marble Trend that can be seen in crockery products. This is cleverly juxtaposed with the Black + White Trend in the bathroom whereby black taps and the black bath exterior clash dramatically with the interior white.

View the Trend House at Decorex Durban at the Durban Exhibition Centre. Tickets to Decorex Durban are sold through and at the door.