Style Tech displays boost Peugeot

Recently the Style Tech brand was pleased to have been selected to supply their popular curved aesthetic ST 13 large format graphic standee to promote the French automobile company, Peugeot.

"The state-of-the-art design characteristics of the Style Tech system delivers a sophisticated aesthetic which is perfectly suited to present established international brands such as Peugeot. The display options within the range from spec sheet / way-finding type units to tall standee units, are intentionally designed to exude an upmarket elegance when assembled, coupled with superior modular functionality to enhance effortless re-branding as well as ease of transport", explains Richard Nilson, originator of the trend setting range.

Ideally suited to the blue chip sector of the display and activation market, Style Tech's innovative determination in originating unique and trend setting display elements has been validated with terrific uptake from premium international brands such as Estee Lauder, Cell C, Wimpy and Simba in addition to Peugeot.

Further information on the Style Tech Display range is available at

Rocket Creative Design & Display
Rocket Creative Design & Display
Rocket Creative Design & Display offer innovative, trend setting and anti-norm visual display products. These are conceived and originated by fusing our functional enginuity, creativity and inventive spirit with our own very individual approach to fabrication whilst following our ‘ Innovation, Simplified ' creative ethos.

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