Information technology - SA's most wanted skill set

If you've ever wondered whether you are in the right career, we may have the answer for you.
SA’s online job market is booming with jobs right now, from admin to engineering to manufacturing jobs. Unfortunately though, this does not necessarily mean favourable employment prospects for everyone as there are often just as many jobseekers standing in line for these jobs. Competition is stiff out there, unless of course you are fortunate enough to avoid rivalry, as is the case for IT professionals.

The IT industry seems to have become quite the labour market gem with a strong demand for skills and only a handful of candidates that meet the requirements. When taking a closer look at the thousands of jobs listed online you’ll discover that many of these jobs are IT-related, every fourth one to be exact. This is according to CareerJunction, one of SA’s leading online job boards where over 25,000 jobs are posted monthly by 3,000 of the country’s top recruitment agencies and employers.

As reported by CareerJunction, there's been a great uptake in IT jobs. “We’ve seldom seen this type of continuous growth in demand for a particular skill set in the last year and a half. The last year alone has seen a growth in IT jobs of more than 18%,” says Paul Byrne, MD at CareerJunction. Byrne went on to say that software developers are by far at the top of recruiters’ most wanted list, as the majority of IT jobs are allocated to them. They are followed by business analysts, system and network administrators and system analysts who are also high on the list.

And what do you get when you add a high-in-demand skill set with only a handful of suitable candidates? A plump pay cheque. The latest salary offerings for these professionals on CareerJunction show that they come at a high price.

Information technology - SA's most wanted skill set

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