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We believe that research is done for the greater good - through market research, we help companies and brands identify opportunities within their business to enable sustainable growth.
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South Africans stick to icon brands in an increasingly complex consumer landscapeThe relationship between consumers and brands have never been more complex. We have never had more data available, yet we see a decline in both customer experience and brand commitment. Consumers are overwhelmed, and are becoming extremists, self-orientated, demanding and tech-savvy. 12 Nov 2019 Read more

Target Group Index research achieves phenomenal year-on-year revenue growthTarget Group Index (TGI) research had an astonishing year, achieving a 22% revenue growth, servicing close to 70 top companies, with 12 Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed companies, 14 multinational companies, eight media owners and eight banking and insurance service providers topping the list. 24 May 2019 Read more

South Africa's favourite township brands revealed in Ask Afrika's Kasi Star Brands surveyThe South African township market is vast and diverse - it is essential that brand owners understand the distinct lifestyle segments within each township and that marketers are able to get a granular understanding of the nuances that lead to brand loyalty. 29 Apr 2019 Read more

Ask Afrika's Da Vinci Awards reveal how effective market research marries art and scienceThe art of market research lies in the ability to tell a story that can change the world. It starts with observation, investigation and interviews to gather data that is collated and analysed to find significant statistics - this is science. Interrogating the data to find meaning and discover trends, ultimately making it useful for the greater good, is an art. 22 Nov 2018 Read more

Knowledge and emotion are central to the service industryThe services industry forms an important part of South Africa's economy and it provides many jobs. Service excellence is a core element of brand reputation and is rooted in customer satisfaction, which can only be achieved if a company truly understands its customers and their expectations. 18 Oct 2018 Read more

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