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We believe that research is done for the greater good - through market research, we help companies and brands identify opportunities within their business to enable sustainable growth.
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TGI: Providing an in-depth understanding of how markets have changed as a result of Covid-19The Covid-19 pandemic has been unprecedented, impacting markets around the world with profound market changes. During this period, consumer beliefs have shifted fundamentally with significant changes at both brand and retailer level. Successfully navigating through these myriad changes requires in-depth, insightful and current information. Data has become key to strategic decision-making. 15 Sep 2020 Read more

Time for SA to put proactive and ambitious relief measures in placeSouth Africans are paying a high price for the prolonged lockdown and consequent devastation of the local economy with levels of emotional distress nearly as high as at the start of the lockdown five months ago. 3 Sep 2020 Read more

Data companies collaborate to advise on SMME recovery strategiesAt a time when more than half of all small to medium-sized businesses (SMMEs) are under severe strain, many are doubting their ability to survive the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to research conducted by TransUnion's Consumer Financial Hardship report, 90% of small businesses are either struggling or have closed temporarily because of the pandemic, and half are extremely concerned about their ability to meet current payment obligations. 25 Aug 2020 Read more

Forecasting post-Covid financial behaviours based on lessons from the 2008 financial markets crashIn August, after more than 130 days of lockdown, Covid-19 infections in South Africa surpassed the half-a-million mark, leaving the economy devastated. The economic impact of the lockdown will linger even once the health threat associated with the virus has passed. 13 Aug 2020 Read more

South Africans on the verge of a lockdown meltdownAsk Afrika's Covid-19 socio-economic research shows levels of distress not abating 28 Jul 2020 Read more

Covid-19 preventative behaviours: A dangerous game of Russian rouletteAs the number of positive Covid-19 cases rises across the country, the fear of contracting the virus is growing amongst the citizens of South Africa. The majority of people have come to the conclusion that they are responsible for their own health and, as such, are committed to social isolation and playing their part to prevent the spread of the virus. However, the danger is that the longer the current status quo continues the less likely some South Africans will be to limit their social interactions. 14 Jul 2020 Read more

Have we lost the 2020 academic year?Despite escalating numbers of Covid-19 cases, schools are returning grades back to the classroom based on a staggered approach. The turmoil in the South African education system in the past few weeks stirred a saying of 'the mistake of a doctor kills one person, but that of a teacher kills the entire generation'. This quote refers to the shortcomings of the system within which the teacher practises their craft. This is the collective impact of the decisions and actions of those running educational institutions, practitioners, governing bodies, parents and other influential members of society. ( 7 Jul 2020 Read more

Being locked down with your killerMost citizens feared the Covid19 pandemic. Many others fear being locked down with their killers in the same house. 6 Jul 2020 Read more

SA youth exhibiting strain amidst surging Covid-19 casesYounger South Africans are not having an easy time currently showing the highest levels of fear and depression amongst all age groups, according to recent quantitative research conducted by research firm, Ask Afrika.  19 Jun 2020 Read more

How Covid-19 is impacting your employeesThe Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating business transformation, and although it may be a crisis, it also presents an incredible opportunity for organisational change. In these uncertain times it is critical to reassure your employees that while everything is evolving rapidly, your organisation values them and their unique experience and contribution. Managing a partial or fully remote workforce requires an understanding of the impact of the home environment, and lack of social interaction and other workplace benefits on employee wellbeing. 15 Jun 2020 Read more

Dwindling financial resources weighs heavily on the minds of South AfricansSouth African consumers are paying a heavy price for the prolonged lockdown. According to quantitative research conducted by research firm, Ask Afrika, unemployment and a subsequent loss of income are a growing concern for most South Africans. 2 Jun 2020 Read more

The Target Group Index (TGI) data set - Empowering students and business leaders of tomorrow alongside the University of PretoriaThe TGI (Target Group Index) survey, of which Ask Afrika owns the South African rights, is the global standard for integrated and rich consumer profiling. TGI is used by the majority of top 50 advertisers in South Africa, as well as by diverse media owners and agencies. TGI complements local and global currencies and offers the most comprehensive insights into consumer demographics, behaviour, product and brand usage with rich attitudinal statements. TGI empowers strategic solutions that can help to improve a brand's competitive positioning. It empowers unique selling propositions through rich consumer profiles. 16 Mar 2020 Read more

South Africans stick to icon brands in an increasingly complex consumer landscapeThe relationship between consumers and brands have never been more complex. We have never had more data available, yet we see a decline in both customer experience and brand commitment. Consumers are overwhelmed, and are becoming extremists, self-orientated, demanding and tech-savvy. 12 Nov 2019 Read more

Target Group Index research achieves phenomenal year-on-year revenue growthTarget Group Index (TGI) research had an astonishing year, achieving a 22% revenue growth, servicing close to 70 top companies, with 12 Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed companies, 14 multinational companies, eight media owners and eight banking and insurance service providers topping the list. 24 May 2019 Read more

South Africa's favourite township brands revealed in Ask Afrika's Kasi Star Brands surveyThe South African township market is vast and diverse - it is essential that brand owners understand the distinct lifestyle segments within each township and that marketers are able to get a granular understanding of the nuances that lead to brand loyalty. 29 Apr 2019 Read more

Ask Afrika's Da Vinci Awards reveal how effective market research marries art and scienceThe art of market research lies in the ability to tell a story that can change the world. It starts with observation, investigation and interviews to gather data that is collated and analysed to find significant statistics - this is science. Interrogating the data to find meaning and discover trends, ultimately making it useful for the greater good, is an art. 22 Nov 2018 Read more

Knowledge and emotion are central to the service industryThe services industry forms an important part of South Africa's economy and it provides many jobs. Service excellence is a core element of brand reputation and is rooted in customer satisfaction, which can only be achieved if a company truly understands its customers and their expectations. 18 Oct 2018 Read more

Ask Afrika to deliver best practice in customer experience managementIn an increasingly competitive and fast-moving environment, customer service is becoming a business-critical tool to survival. With customer needs changing faster than what business can comprehend, implementing service measurements is not only relevant, but it is a business-enabler. Technology has changed the game, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating an 'everything on my terms' consumer and, resultantly, an ever more demanding customer experience (CX) landscape - forcing elevated levels of service. 15 May 2018 Read more

How to harness the power of your target marketMarket research and data can be an invaluable tool when crafting a brand strategy, providing brands with the power to harness their target market. Today, marketers have a multitude of choice of available data; however, being given a plethora of statistics does not necessarily translate into the ability to create a winning brand strategy. There is an art to using data to develop a brand's personality and key messaging, and to finding the right channels through which to engage with consumer segments within a target market. 8 Mar 2018 Read more