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The rise of podcasting in South Africa – a growing opportunity for brands

In recent years, podcasting has seen a rise in popularity worldwide, and South Africa is no exception. With the widespread availability of smartphones and internet access, combined with a rise in on-demand audio content, podcasts have become a mainstream form of entertainment, information, and education for many South Africans. As podcasts continue to gain traction, brands have a significant opportunity to leverage this opportunity to connect with consumers.
The rise of podcasting in South Africa – a growing opportunity for brands

The rise of podcasting in South Africa

One of the key reasons behind the rise of podcasting in South Africa is the versatility and accessibility of the medium. According to KLA’s YouGov tool, the top five podcast apps used in South Africa are: YouTube at 65.83%, Spotify at 50.91%, Google Podcast at 16.27%, Deezer at 15.62%, and Amazon Music at 14.96%, with Apple Podcast ranking sixth at 12.91%. Notably, podcasts are increasingly being recognised as a valuable source of news, with South Africans ranking podcasts ninth (27.19%) for using podcasts as a news source[1].

Based on the YouGov data, approximately 28.99% of the national population spends one to five hours per week listening to podcasts, indicating a substantial appetite for on-demand audio content. In addition, 32.33% last listened to a podcast just a day ago, with an additional 23.62% stating that they listened within the past week[2].

The growing opportunity for brands

According to insights from PRNEWS[3], the rise in podcast listeners provides a fertile ground for companies to sow their messages effectively. Whether the aim is to introduce a new product or conduct an informational interview, podcasts offer a flexible medium tailored to audience interests.

A great example of the importance of brands leveraging podcasts is Business Talk by Michael Avery – currently South Africa's leading business podcast. Since its launch in November 2020, Business Talk has accumulated over 4.5 million total views, attracting South Africa’s top business and financial decision-makers. This makes it the perfect target audience for a company’s marketing efforts[4].

Looking ahead

Statista found that the number of South African podcast listeners will grow to 4.8 million by 2027 – up from 3.2 million in 2023, making podcasts an essential part of the digital media landscape. To capitalise on this trend, brands can employ various strategies, including sponsorship, advertising, and influencer marketing, to maximise their impact.

A great example of this is Podcast & Chill hosted by MacGyver (also known as Mac-Gee) and co-hosts Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady. As the podcast grew, Mac Gee launched Chillers Market, a platform for businesses to promote products or services[5]. He introduced his alcohol brand, Grandeur Gin, on the podcast, and it's now available at the retail giant, Makro.

In conclusion

The rise of podcasting in South Africa presents a significant opportunity for brands to connect with consumers in meaningful ways. By embracing the versatility and accessibility of podcasts, brands can leverage this emerging medium to reach and engage their target audiences effectively. For more information, visit

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20 Mar 2024 13:59

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Rudo Manjoro, KLA consultant – YouGov Solutions