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PG Bison strengthens Mkhondo's firefighting capacity

Recognising the critical role of firefighting in safeguarding lives and property, PG Bison handed over a custom-made firefighting Land Cruiser truck to the Mkhondo Fire Department. The event was attended by traditional leaders and officials from the Mkhondo Local Municipality and Councillor M Ngwenya from the Mkhondo Local Municipality in September 2023 at the PG Bison plant in Mkhondo.
PG Bison strengthens Mkhondo's firefighting capacity

PG Bison is committed to 'Being the Change' by working hand in hand with the communities in which it operates.

"Over the past decade, we've made the safety of our employees and the surrounding communities a key priority," says Tamaryn Whittal-Steynberg, manufacturing executive at PG Bison. "The firefighting infrastructure donation goes beyond financial assistance, providing a tangible resource that will directly benefit the community, its residents and businesses."

The fire truck will significantly strengthen the local fire department's capabilities, serving as an invaluable asset during emergencies. It will be dispatched to any fire emergency within the Mkhondo municipal area to reduce the negative social and economic impact that disastrous fires can cause on the community and businesses.

Anton Nortje, chief fire officer at Mkhondo Fire & Rescue, says the truck will have a far-reaching impact on the region. "Mkhondo is an important entryway to both KwaZulu-Natal and Eswatini," he says. "This truck will ensure we can respond faster and better to fires in various areas and have better reach beyond the borders of Mkhondo itself. We are grateful for the donation because it will strengthen our capacity to serve the community."

PG Bison strengthens Mkhondo's firefighting capacity

Boosting the emergency response infrastructure has a positive impact on the local economy. Heightened safety measures attract potential businesses and residents to the area, contributing to economic growth. The availability of efficient emergency services makes the community an attractive place to live, work, and invest.

"PG Bison has collaborated with Mkhondo Fire & Rescue for some time," says Whittal-Steynberg. "They have provided invaluable input and training for our employees in fire safety, which makes this donation a great way to plough back to Mkhondo Fire & Rescue with infrastructure that will aid the department in providing fire emergency support to a 5,000 square kilometre area."

PG Bison strengthens Mkhondo's firefighting capacity
2 Jan 2024 12:51