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PG Bison Press Office
PG Bison is the leading producer of wood-based decorative panels in Africa, servicing the retail, construction, furniture/kitchen manufacturing, and residential development markets, primarily in southern Africa.
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First board produced at PG Bison's new Mkhondo MDF Line
PG Bison achieved a significant milestone with the production of the first board from its newly commissioned medium-density fibreboard (MDF) line at its Mkhondo manufacturing facility, almost a month ahead of schedule. Full commercial operation is set for 1 July 2024. This new line trebles PG Bison’s MDF capacity, and enables the company to meet the growing demand for MDF in Africa and select markets. 4 Jun 2024 Read more

PG Bison strengthens Mkhondo's firefighting capacity
Recognising the critical role of firefighting in safeguarding lives and property, PG Bison handed over a custom-made firefighting Land Cruiser truck to the Mkhondo Fire Department. The event was attended by traditional leaders and officials from the Mkhondo Local Municipality and Councillor M Ngwenya from the Mkhondo Local Municipality in September 2023 at the PG Bison plant in Mkhondo. 2 Jan 2024 Read more

PG Bison rises to the challenge to address the MDF (SupaWood) shortage in Southern Africa
Supply of locally produced medium-density fibreboard (MDF) in the Southern African market has been constrained for many years. That is set to change in July 2024, when PG Bison’s supply of MDF from their R1,875bn MDF Contiroll line investment in Mkhondo increases their installed capacity of MDF up to 1,180 cubic metres per day across its two MDF plants (Boksburg and Mkhondo). 27 Nov 2023 Read more

PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative 2023 winner announced
Carmen Gregan, interior design student at Design Time School of Interior Design (Cape Town) was announced as the winner of the 2023 PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative at a special awards ceremony in Johannesburg last night. 18 Oct 2023 Read more

PG Bison steams ahead on the promise to meet MDF (SupaWood) demand in Southern Africa and beyond
PG Bison's operation, situated just outside Mkhondo, formerly Piet Retief, in Mpumalanga, is in the spotlight. 2 Oct 2023 Read more