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Consumer Insights Agency, KLA, reveals the results of the 3rd Quarterly Buzz Report

KLA, the exclusive partner for YouGov in the sub-Saharan region, is proud to unveil the latest findings of the third edition of the Quarterly Buzz. This insightful assessment delves into the top brands based on public perception, recorded on a daily basis over a three-month span. The inaugural Quarterly Buzz made its debut in January 2023.

The Quarterly Buzz employs the YouGov BrandIndex tool, a dynamic tool that is continuously measuring public perception across over 190 brands spanning seven sectors in South Africa. This tool tracks the top 10 performing brands across all sectors, highlighting the top five brands within each category.

Operating on a comprehensive set of 16 metrics across the marketing funnel, the BrandIndex tool's Buzz metric takes centre stage, lending its name to the Quarterly Buzz. This crucial metric specifically evaluates consumer perception, gauging whether individuals have encountered positive or negative information about a brand in the preceding two weeks. With performance scores ranging from +100 to -100, a net score emerges, offering a holistic view of a brand's performance relative to its competitors. These scores are collected over a three-month period, forming the basis for the Quarterly Buzz results, with the latest results being measured from 1 July-30 September 2023.

The top performing brands across all sectors in Q3 are:

Consumer Insights Agency, KLA, reveals the results of the 3rd Quarterly Buzz Report

In the latest Quarterly Buzz, the Food, Groceries, and Consumables sector maintains a strong presence in the top 10, with five of the top 10 brands from this sector. In the current landscape of the food and grocery sector, there is a noticeable decline in Buzz performance across various brands. This dip is attributed to the ongoing cost of living crisis, leaving South Africans financially strained and prompting them to make impactful choices in their daily lives, influencing their spending habits. Significant shifts are observed in various grocery categories, reflecting the broader economic challenges faced by consumers.

Takealot continues to lead the pack, but noteworthy declines are observed across nine metrics, particularly across consumer perception of the brand. New entrants KFC and Vodacom, rank 9th and 10th respectively, with marginal increases in the brands’ buzz from the previous quarter. FNB climbs the rankings, experiencing a significant uptick across eight metrics, including Buzz, showcasing improvements across the marketing funnel. However, Pick n Pay slips from second place to sixth in this quarter, facing a decline in Buzz, alongside nine other metrics across the funnel.

In the latest Quarterly Buzz, specific brands’ performance reflects dynamic trends in the South African market.

FNB: Pioneering innovation and customer connections

The brand stands at the forefront, continually reinventing itself and earning recognition as one of South Africa's most valuable brands by Kantar. This distinction is a testament to FNB's unwavering focus on innovation and its adeptness at building meaningful connections with its customer base. The brand's commitment to these principles positions it as a trailblazer in the competitive landscape.

KFC: Navigating challenges in the QSR market

KFC, amidst a cost-of-living crisis and the challenges of load shedding, emerges as a beneficiary in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market. The crisis prompts consumers to seek alternatives to prevent groceries from spoiling, leading to increased spending on fast food. Additionally, with load shedding limiting people's ability to cook at home, KFC becomes a go-to option for quick and convenient dining.

Vodacom: Adapting to evolving customer needs

In recent months, Vodacom has showcased adaptability by leveraging its offerings to deliver tangible value to customers. Introducing a 30% airtime boost upon recharge and allowing clients to personalize their packages reflects Vodacom's customer-centric approach. This flexibility enables customers to bundle multiple products and services through a single offering, eliminating the need for multiple accounts. Vodacom's strategic moves underscore its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of customers in a dynamic market.

As macro-environmental factors continue to shape consumer behaviour, brands must recognise the increasing importance customers place on value for money, sustainability, and convenience.

Sector specific results for Q3:

Consumer Insights Agency, KLA, reveals the results of the 3rd Quarterly Buzz Report

Sector-specific results for Q3 showcase a relatively stable top five within each sector, with a few new entrants across three of the seven sectors tracked - notably, BP, Spur, and Clientele in their respective categories.

For more information about the Quarterly Buzz visit or contact az.oc.alk@seiriuqne

23 Nov 2023 13:36

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