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Move from #DataConfusion to #DataFusion

In this valuable marketing strategy tutorial, renowned South African media coach - Gordon Muller - workshops audience identifying Socio-Economic Measures (SEMs). He maps out aha-moment scenarios to answer the question, "How do we go about finding the right path in our media choices?" He helps marketers figure out how to find the nuggets of audience intelligence in Fusion.
Move from #DataConfusion to #DataFusion

As marketers, advertising and media professionals, he says that we need to stop being librarians. “What marketers around the world are looking for is actionable insights which are proactively driven.”

Muller brings to the fore the quick moves of media of now that have unleashed magic, and he blows our media minds with this single minded realism: “The rhythm of research has changed. You cannot research what I did yesterday in order to describe what I am doing today. You have to measure what I am doing today in order to project accurately what I will do tomorrow. Macro insights, proactively delivered, is where we want to go.”

If you are an experienced strategist or student of life, this worthwhile Ebony+Ivory 45-minute Workshop will enable you to not only build your audience insights but make them into quick and hard-working brand assets.

17 Dec 2021 14:15