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We are a integrated media and advertising agency in South Africa. We add value to your business and brands.
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My Kreepy Teacher strikes funny bone, just right, for Kreepy KraulyDigital times have changed since 2013 when the Kreepy Krauly mockumentary, Kreepy Wrangler went viral but what remains the same is the South African brand of humour - and the power of parody to send a brand into shareable subspace. 20 Oct 2020 Read more

Women in advertising: Talking inspiration at the women's table of leadership"Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all other women" - Maya Angelou 13 Aug 2020 Read more

TLC for Lambano + St John Children's Critical Care partnershipWhen two incredible South African healthcare organisations joined forces to help more critically ill children and their families, Ebony+Ivory was thrilled to be a part of it with logo design, radio production plus media planning and buying help for the combined brand. 7 Jul 2020 Read more

#Covid-19 is a white swan - Ebony+Ivory proves thisThe term black swan has been popularised for describing unforeseen events and it has been wrongly used to describe the Covid-19 pandemic. There is another term, white swan, which is more apt for this pandemic. A white swan event is one that we could have seen coming. This is true of Covid-19 as many experts have, for decades, outlined the possibility of a global infection pandemic. In fact, as a species, we have lived through a number of real-life pandemics in our history. 9 Apr 2020 Read more

Ebony + Ivory wins the Sasria accountEbony + Ivory, South Africa's longest-standing through-the-line agency, has just won the sought-after Sasria account. Sasria is the South African Special Risks Insurance Association, a state-owned company and the only short-term insurer that provides cover to all the people and businesses that have assets in South Africa. 8 Apr 2020 Read more

Ebony + Ivory pulls off Brand SA's Giyani Activation Constitution Awareness Campaign in under a weekDuring the Giyani Activation Constitution Awareness Campaign, Brand South Africa was promoting freedom of expression and identity using the platform of South African language and the culture of reading. 6 Mar 2020 Read more

SA's #FreshAt50 agency of the future E+I celebrates its 50th anniversaryThe 1960s were advertising's coming of age era or perhaps best known for its 'creative revolution'. It was during this time that Paul Middleton Snr launched his agency, followed by a name change in 1989 when Paul David Middleton bought the business and named it Ebony+Ivory, or E+I in corridor talk. 28 Feb 2020 Read more