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Design trends that 'make it pop'

We've got our designs on the trends that move the stylus and your brand position. Follow the Ebony+Ivory Creative Curves Series in which we feature visual creativity techniques to attract and hold the attention of busy minds.
Design trends that 'make it pop'

Why not draw on our first three of 10 creative curves as a start?

Real representation

While an elitist Kardashian fights to keep the filter, real people of the world push to ensure that imagery is real and representative.

This trend will speak loud and proud for years to come as people more strongly speak their truth.

We ♥ this trend as it mirrors a move to give all people a voice and particularly those who have stayed silent.

Design trends that 'make it pop'
Design trends that 'make it pop'

Designed by Nothando

Abstract psychedelic

High power psychedelics did not get stuck in the 1970s. This trend has travelled forward in time, though with a bit more finesse, as these unapologetic patterns and colours take on abstract dimensions.

Far more like fractal images this time around, abstract psychedelics take us into spaces where colour really does ‘pop’ as we enter into iridescence.

We ♥ the explosion of colour and how this trend immediately draws attention.

Design trends that 'make it pop'
Design trends that 'make it pop'

Designer: Ana

Symbolic revival

Symbols are iconic in the now as pictures do the talking in communication currency. Iconography is set to continue jumping off the page and will be one of the top cover stories.

These design features are where words and visuals meet but the trick is to capture a single-minded message or the waters become mud.

We ♥ decoding the message behind the symbol as brands craft their narratives more carefully than before.

Design trends that 'make it pop'
Design trends that 'make it pop'

Designer: Nothando

Follow the next creative curve as we pick up on the second set of design trends in blog two of this Ebony+Ivory Creative Curves Series.

8 Jul 2021 12:12