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AutoTrader launches unique automotive awards programme

AutoTrader, the largest digital automotive marketplace in South Africa, has launched a unique awards programme that celebrates excellence within the automotive industry. Known as the AutoTrader Car Dealer Awards, these accolades pay tribute to the people behind the businesses in the automotive industry. It's all about celebrating the extraordinary.
AutoTrader launches unique automotive awards programme

As AutoTrader CEO George Mienie points out: “The South African automotive industry – which is responsible for thousands of jobs – remains a massive contributor to our national GDP in South Africa. We would like to pay tribute to the people and dealerships in South Africa who work tirelessly to ensure that this remains the case. The AutoTrader Car Dealer Awards are entrenched in the belief that people are the most important and biggest differentiator in ensuring a sustainable and growing environment for this massive sector of our economy.”

Companies and individuals nominated for the AutoTrader Car Dealer Awards will fall into one of these categories: dealership, person and rising star. Anyone who believes that a company or individual in the automotive industry deserves recognition can go to to submit the details of a person, team or dealership brand, regardless of skill set or title, that is deserving of positive recognition. Nominators don’t have to work for the person, team or dealership brand they’re nominating, and individuals can even nominate themselves.

Members of the automotive industry are furthermore encouraged to spotlight moments of excellence by submitting stories about individuals or dealerships who have gone the extra mile and provided exceptional solutions or acts of service. These will be published by AutoTrader through a #FeelGoodFriday social and digital campaign.

Angelique Lynch, AutoTrader marketing director, believes that the AutoTrader Dealer Awards could not have come at a better time. “This is a far-reaching campaign and I’m proud to say that, once again, we’re first to market. There are a number of sound business benefits of the AutoTrader Car Dealer Awards – we will deepen relationships with the dealers, create relevant content, promote our dealers to the consumers and extend our social media and PR reach. However, above all, this is about paying tribute to exceptional individuals and companies during one of the most challenging times in our industry and indeed in our country. It’s time to celebrate the great things that are happening in the automotive industry,” she concludes.

11 Feb 2021 13:04