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AutoTrader invests in Google Analytics 360

AutoTrader, South Africa's trusted online motoring marketplace, is at the forefront of a new digital wave. By adding Google Analytics 360 to its capacities, the auto giant is able to continue in it's pursuit of making it easier for consumers to buy or sell a vehicle online.

“Our focus is to eradicate friction in the shopping process between the online and real world,” comments AutoTrader CEO George Mienie. “Google Analytics 360 allows us to connect with consumers wherever they are with rich, personalised car shopping experiences that assist and delight. We can predict consumer needs in real-time by connecting the dots across all the moments that influence a purchase and we can help consumers make better decisions faster” he points out. “It’s an investment with big potential gains.”

Google’s Head of Marketing Platforms in Emerging Markets Roberto Croci says: “Today’s super-powered consumers are more curious, demanding and impatient. Armed with mobiles as their anywhere assistant, they are research-obsessed and will choose brands that deliver personalised offerings tailored to their specific needs and serviced at the right time - at home, on the go and even in store. As they can get exactly what they want, instantly and effortlessly, consumers expect fast, seamless, friction-less experiences however and wherever they choose to shop,” he points out.

Market leading

Around the world, businesses are seeking specialised products to harness the opportunity to make online shopping easier. As South Africa’s leading online motoring marketplace, AutoTrader sees leading the charge locally as a necessity.

“Our focus has always been to satisfy our customers better,” says Mienie. “We sit squarely in the middle of the buyer and the seller; it’s their mutual satisfaction that makes the best deal possible. Creating a seamless shopping experience from the online space to the physical showroom, is what we strive for.”

Seamless integration

Mienie says the further advantage is the ability for Google Analytics 360 to seamlessly integrate within its different technologies. AutoTrader has heavily invested in online software such as AutoFuzion to provide innovative and tailored services to dealer customers and thus has a leading advantage in the market.

Croci says the digital world challenges include the number of technologies available and how to integrate them as it requires significant investment and human resources. “Using the Google Analytics 360 suite saves time and manages everything in one seamless platform.”

Most companies operate on the free version of Google’s website analytics - Mienie says Google Analytics 360 is the significantly more powerful service offering. “The ways in which this data can be used to provide better insights is limitless. It ultimately saves time and money and, if used cleverly, can help to delight too, which is what we want from our shopping experience for consumers,” he concludes.

23 Apr 2019 15:52