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Milpark Business School delivering Management Development Programme

The BANKSETA appointed Milpark Business School (MBS) as the provider to design, develop and implement a programme to equip the junior and middle managers in the Banking and Micro Finance sector with the requisite knowledge and competencies to enhance their roles within their organisations.

Junior and middle managers have been identified by their employers as suitable candidates for the programme, to be further skilled through the completion of a registered and accredited management development programme. The BANKSETA requires that the training provided will serve as building blocks for attaining higher management qualifications which will in turn create a pipeline of managers who will eventually contribute to the bench strength of the bank at which they are employed. The MBS qualification for this programme is the Certificate in Management Development (NQF level 5, SAQA ID 62269).

Completion of the Certificate in Management Development NQF level 5 qualification provides for articulation onto the MBS NQF level 6 Advanced Diploma in Management, ensuring continuity with regards to management training. The foundation laid by this NQF level 5 qualification fulfils the educational needs identified by the sector and provides students with the opportunity to continue with further Higher Education study. The qualification will adequately assist the banks in building the required bench strength for the future.

Candidates on the programme are individuals who either have the capacity to operate as managers, or are already operating at managerial level. Candidates have been put forward on the basis of their roles and functions and not because of their job titles. These candidates have further undergone psychometric testing to identify those individuals who have the potential ability to engage fully at managerial level and are committed to completing an intensive management development programme.

One hundred and fifty learners throughout the country are currently participating in the programme. Classes have already completed two examinable modules (Management and Leadership and Financial Management), with another four to go (Human Resources Management, Marketing Management, Strategic Management and Banking). The Strategic Management module will include a syndicate research project, which will conclude with a presentation in front of a panel of academics and representatives from the Banking world.

In addition to these 150 learners, a further 52 candidates (previous beneficiaries of the JaMM/Institute of Bankers 2008 - 2009 programme), also have the opportunity to be awarded the Certificate in Management Development, by completing only three of the Programme Modules (they are eligible for exemption from the remaining three modules). Through the inclusion of these individuals, the programme will upskill an even wider group of individuals, thereby furthering the impact of this BANKSETA initiative.

20 May 2010 11:05