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It's never too late to achieve your matric

Completing your matric is a monumental achievement in any student's life. No matter how much time you've spent preparing for the exams, the night before exam results are released is always nerve-wracking. Great is the relief when you open your results letter to see that you have successfully passed your senior certificate!
It's never too late to achieve your matric

This, however, is not the reality for all. Some individuals may feel disappointed after receiving an unexpected result, and at that moment feel hopeless. For some, the opportunity of even registering for a matric was never on the cards.

Don’t lose hope, there are steps you can take towards achieving your matric. At Milpark, we offer students who are 21 years and older and who have obtained a grade nine certificate, the opportunity to complete their (amended) senior certificate. When you register, you have the choice of completing your amended senior certificate over a one-year or two-year period. All textbooks are included in the fees and will be delivered to your doorstep. Our dedicated tutors are subject matter experts and are there to support you throughout your studies.

Having a matric can lead to various opportunities, such as having access to higher education and being more attractive to the job market.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X.

Don’t delay! Register now for your (amended) senior certificate, as tuition starts in July. To get more information on the (amended) senior certificate, visit our website here.

5 Jul 2021 12:56


About the author

Maritsa Grewe is the academic manager: college at Milpark Education