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Remote working in a time of pandemic

Since 2020, many organisations have found themselves waist-deep in uncharted waters, having to adapt to a new world of work which is filled with much uncertainty and complexities. We have seen how HR professionals have taken up their roles as change catalysts to support organisations, during a time when most staff are working from home.

Employees have reported that home is no longer where the heart is, but also now the office. Although a large proportion of the workforce prefer to work remotely for the rest of their careers, there are some challenges that HR professionals need to be aware of and manage.

Remote working in a time of pandemic

Routley (2020:1) reports on the biggest struggles inherent in working remotely:

  • 22% of workers reported that they struggled with separating life from work
  • 20% with loneliness
  • 17% struggled with collaboration and/or communication
  • 10% of distractions at home
  • 8% of time-zone differences in a team
  • 8% of staying motivated
  • 7% of problems taking vacation time
  • 3% of struggles with reliable wifi and
  • 5% of other factors

In the state of remote-working survey (2020), completed by 3500 remote workers from around the world, employees were concerned that their manager would not see the extent of their contributions if they were not working together in the office. A number of employees also reported that they had difficulty raising tough questions or flagging concerns. On the reverse side, a whopping 98% of workers stated that they preferred working from home.

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24 Mar 2021 11:53