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South African market research agency KLA celebrates 3 years of success with YouGov global partnership

KLA, a leading market research agency, is proud to mark three years of success in partnering with YouGov Global. Since the launch of the 'Plan and Track' solution, KLA has been leveraging the data-led offering from YouGov, an international research data and analytics group, to support its client base.
South African market research agency KLA celebrates 3 years of success with YouGov global partnership

With an impressive array of reliable data tools, YouGov is recognised for its work with the world's leading brands. The YouGov Profiles tool which incorporates over 250,000 data variables globally, empowers clients to effortlessly identify and understand their target audience. Meanwhile, YouGov BrandIndex measures the public's perception of brands within competitive sectors on a daily basis, covering 16 metrics across the marketing funnel.

"We are truly excited about the value that the YouGov offering brings to our clients. The real-time nature of the solution, combined with daily data collection, provides brands with the ability to tap into everyday brand performance, offering reliable insights that inform brand and marketing strategies in a dynamic market," says Rakhee Naik, managing consultant, Insights at KLA. "With the training and support we offer clients, they are able to quickly gain confidence in working with the data and in turn, appropriately respond to market shifts. Also, you don’t need to be a researcher or marketer in order to access this data which is important in a challenging environment where budgets, particularly in research and marketing, are being cut."

Since its initial launch with a single category, the 'Plan and Track' solution has grown significantly. KLA currently tracks over 190 brands across seven categories, including: automotive; financial services – banking; financial services – insurance; food/groceries and consumables; restaurants and food services and telecommunications and mobile providers - with plans to introduce an eighth category (home), soon.

A client from the financial services sector shared their experience, stating, "We now have the ability to measure our performance against our strategic goals. YouGov serves as a monitoring tool that allows us to test ourselves and evaluate whether our initiatives are resonating with customers. It has become an integral part of our strategy, and we can't imagine operating without it."

A client from the retail sector had this to say, “The YouGov offering is a brand tracker at our fingertips. For us agility is key and we wanted a solution whereby we could immediately check impact. This answers that need.”

KLA aims to extend the YouGov offering and partnership in the future, recognising the immense value of bringing insights closer to decision-makers. By reducing the time, space, and resource gap between data and decisions, KLA believes in empowering organisations to make more informed choices.

"As budgets tighten, the need for actionable insights remains paramount. Marketers can celebrate successes and be more agile in leveraging learnings. This offering moves the insights closer to the decision-maker, which is where the magic happens," concludes Caitlin Bauristhene, managing partner - Insights at KLA. To find out more, visit

6 Jul 2023 12:15

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