Steve Cragg is CEO of the Buchanan Group Africa, India & Middle East, Turkey and Brazil, which recently developed and launched for the group in South Africa, India and Australia.

HomeTesterClub is a social community of grocery buyers and influencers who provide uncensored ratings and reviews, which help others buy better and the Buchanan Group already provides marketers with powerful marketing tools in the form of Brand Power, New Product Watch, Zoot Review and Medifacts.

After working in the Australian office for several years, Cragg returned to SA and set up the African office with all the help he could get from family. His wife did the makeup for the ads and they used their house to shoot them in. His brother Chris, a chartered accountant and joint COO based in London, provides the commercial infrastructure and governance to allow them to have a multinational operating business.

Prior experience includes roles as marketing manager at Unilever SA and ad agency executive for Singleton Ogilvy in Australia. He also distributed SA surf boards and surf skis across Australia while living there.

In the late '90s, working together with his best friend Theo Heerman, Steve bought and sold three hotels and also built up a nationwide used-oil and -fat collections service.

He has travelled extensively living in countries such as Jordan, Kenya and the UK, and does up to 80 international flights a year for business, travelling to places such as Beirut, Singapore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pakistan, Istanbul and London in his position of regional CEO.

When Steve isn't globetrotting or following his true calling to keep Bob Marley 'alive', he's also a husband and father to four. He was an international model - the face of Golf VR6 and Police Sunglasses - in early '90s.

Contact him on tel +27 (0)21 424 2310 or email .