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Louise has been writing about the media, marketing and advertising industry in South Africa for 20 years. She was Editor of; Editor-in-Chief of AdVantage magazine; edited The New Age newspaper weekly Media & Marketing Page; Editor of Marketing Mix magazine; Editor of Progressive Retailing magazine; and writes on the industry as a specialist columnist, trends commentator and speaker. She is currently a Contributing Editor to Fast Company SA; and is Publishing Editor
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Current employment

Publishing Editor -
Present - Cape Town
Founder, Publisher, Editor, Content Curator, Writer, Researcher, Columnist, Thought Leader, Influencer, Speaker, Strategy, Networking, Marketing.


Editor in Chief, Publisher, Journalism and writing, Content curation, Public speaking, Strategy and planning, B2B media, Sub Editing, Leadership skills


Masters in Commerce
Year completed:2008
Education level:Masters
Final year subjects:Strategy & Organisational Dynamics
Institution:University of KwaZulu Natal
Location:Durban, South Africa
National Diploma
Year completed:1987
Education level:Diploma
Final year subjects:Journalism & Political Science
Institution:Pretoria Technikon
Location:Pretoria, South Africa
[TrendTalk] Death. Streamed live

In this ultra-connected, real time world, death was streamed live this week in two significant game changing events: via Periscope from the Bangkok bomb blast by an eyewitness; and by the murderer who killed two journalists live on breakfast TV in the US...

By Louise Marsland 28 Aug 2015 11:52

[Digital Marketing] The next digital generation

Digital experts are starting to warn of a skills shortage in digital marketing implementation and strategy in South Africa due to the speed with which the local industry has evolved...

By Louise Marsland 28 Aug 2015 07:00

[Digital Marketing] Digital marketing disruption

The latest trends in digital marketing are disrupting every industry. And true digital integration should be able to predict the future for your business as big data is analysed through predictive modelling...

By Louise Marsland 25 Aug 2015 07:28

[Digital Marketing] The digital transformation imperative

Digital marketing is about total integration into a business across all levels - from business strategy to marketing strategy and investment in digital intelligence. It is the future of business...

By Louise Marsland 24 Aug 2015 13:02

[Digital Marketing] Defining digital marketing

The term 'digital marketing' is a bit of a misnomer. It's all marketing say the experts, with digital integrated into the application and big data making it easier to measure the customer and track consumer purchasing behaviour...

By Louise Marsland 24 Aug 2015 12:55

[TrendTalk] Dear brands, stop stuffing up social!

Brands need to seriously get their social media act together. Last week went down as another week of #brandfails that could have been totally avoided with basic social media training...

By Louise Marsland 21 Aug 2015 11:14

[NewsMaker] Jonathan Lumley

Jonathan Lumley is the new Promotions Manager: Radio, for Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio. Lumley will integrate both promotional teams, and sell and execute cutting-edge radio promotions...

By Louise Marsland 19 Aug 2015 08:26

How to blow up your brand in five minutes

You'd think that after the BIC South Africa saga in which they offended just about every woman on the planet with a sexist social media campaign, that brands would think twice about their posts...

By Louise Marsland 14 Aug 2015 12:49

Why brands fail at Women's Day

When a brand gets it as badly wrong as Bic South Africa did with its Facebook post for Women's Day - which has now been vilified globally - you have to wonder if any thought at all goes into some campaigns or actions by brands...

By Louise Marsland 12 Aug 2015 08:55

[NewsMaker] Andre Fourie

Andre Fourie has been appointed Strategic Communications Director of integrated PR firm Marcus Brewster. In the newly created position in the Cape Town office...

By Louise Marsland 12 Aug 2015 08:14

[TrendTalk] Will this be your future job title?

Are you one of those people who has already created new job titles for yourself, delighting in the opportunity to use the word "Ninja" on your QR-coded/augmented reality, digital pop-up business card?...

By Louise Marsland 7 Aug 2015 09:25

[Content Marketing] Getting the definition right

There are so many buzzwords bandied about for content marketing, that it is no wonder clients are still battling to understand how it differs from advertising and editorial content.

By Louise Marsland 29 Jul 2015 05:28

[Content Marketing] New trend: brand newsrooms

An interesting media and communications development in recent years is the establishment of newsrooms within advertising agencies and brands to deliver news, branded content and amplify social media campaigns...

By Louise Marsland 27 Jul 2015 06:36

[TrendTalk] These brands are the BOSS of Twitter

You won't find a better social media case study than what went down last Friday between Spur, Nando's and Woolworths, with a rock band thrown into the mix. This is how you do social media...

By Louise Marsland 24 Jul 2015 10:46

[Content Marketing] How brands achieve reach and relevance

The evolution of content marketing is leading to a key shift in brand behaviour, as brands become content creators. It is both a challenge to traditional media and traditional advertising...

By Louise Marsland 24 Jul 2015 06:58

[Content Marketing] Content marketing spend increases globally

The Content Marketing Institute reports that 77% of B2C marketers and 86% of B2B marketers surveyed globally are using content marketing in 2015...

By Louise Marsland 23 Jul 2015 08:21

[Content Marketing] Content marketing trends

The lines are blurring between what is branded content, embedded content, public relations and native advertising. What is clear is that since advertising agencies 'discovered' content about 18 months ago...

By Louise Marsland 21 Jul 2015 06:20

[Content Marketing] How branded content is changing communications

Content marketing is probably the biggest shift in communications since branding evolved to be a marketing science on its own and branding agencies grew from within advertising agencies 20-odd years ago...

By Louise Marsland 20 Jul 2015 10:26

[NewsMaker] Grant Shippey

Grant Shippey, CEO of creative digital agency Amorphous New Media, has again assumed 100% control of his business after he and the Times Media Group (TMG) agreed to part ways...

By Louise Marsland 15 Jul 2015 09:41

[TrendTalk] Don't skewer your clients on #AskTwitter

There is this trend for spin doctors to put clients centre stage in an interactive real-time 'town hall' type of meet-up on Twitter. You might as well put them in stocks in the town square and throw rotten veggies at them...

By Louise Marsland 10 Jul 2015 12:12

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