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Building business: contribution or contamination?

It's reassuring to think that leaders are born. Frankly, I don't buy that. Oh, there may be some exceptions, mostly in history, but good business leaders do not feature among them.

By Linda Hamman 29 Nov 2010

The world cup was the model - now let's use it!

The 2010 FIFA World Cup was universally declared a huge success. That very success, however, has created a challenge. The challenge is that investors are going to come here - they've been impressed by what they saw - and they're going to come with the know-how, what it takes to deliver good service, and what it takes to become a legendary brand with plenty of brand equity.

By Linda Hamman 6 Aug 2010

Do you really understand effective corporate communication?

Your communication people do it. Don't they? They're the ones who do the internal newsletter... provide content for the intranet... posters for the whatever... press releases for the PR agency walls, etc... Right?

By Linda Hamman 25 May 2010

Invest in your people!

Many companies invest heavily in building their brand, but too often they seem to neglect investing time and effort in the very people who at the end of the day are the window to the company - its staff.

By Linda Hamman 19 Nov 2009

Marketing ethics, responsibility and ubuntu

Almost 40 years ago, the New York Times magazine published a famous (infamous?) article written by economic guru Milton Friedman, entitled "The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits." Things have changed since then.

By Linda Hamman 6 Nov 2008

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