Marie Yossava

Founder and owner of Grapevine Communications
Location:South Africa


Marie Yossava, founder and owner of Grapevine Communications, embarked on a PR/communications career more than two decades ago. In the past twenty years she has built a solid media relations consultancy, which focuses exclusively on media relations.
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So many channels. So much information. How do you compete?

Social media has changed the PR landscape irrevocably. The challenge now facing practitioners is this: how do you effectively convey your clients' message in an environment where audiences are distracted and fragmented?...

By Marie Yossava, Issued by Grapevine Communications 8 Mar 2018

Networking can fuel your own business while encouraging collaboration amongst your client base

Despite the tools now at our disposal, helping to forge new relationships, the value of long-standing partnerships cannot be underestimated...

By Marie Yossava, Issued by Grapevine Communications 8 Mar 2017

Crisis management in the 'always on' era - Keep calm and carry on... or is it that simple?

You can't control public opinion but you can sway it, if your messaging is succinct, well thought through and backed up by suitable action...

By Marie Yossava, Issued by Grapevine Communications 4 Feb 2015

Too much information - how does a business reach its defined audience(s)?

In the knowledge economy, information is our most valuable commodity but the constant overload is resulting in negative implications...

By Marie Yossava, Issued by Grapevine Communications 20 Jan 2015

PR SA versus UK

On a recent trip to London, I had the good fortune to meet up with a former Grapevine colleague, who left South Africa five years ago and with whom I have remained in contact. We obviously talked shop and compared markets and what, if anything, the PR industry is doing differently in the UK.

By Marie Yossava, Issued by Grapevine Communications 4 Nov 2013

The shoemaker always forgets to mend his owns shoes

The old adage about the shoemaker who never mends his shoes, also applies to so many of us, regardless of our industry. The builder who never fixes his own roof - the plumber who has a leaking tap - the same goes for the communications professionals. The communications industry is all-consumed with clients and rarely remembers to proactively promote its own business, let alone share knowledge about its business practices, case studies and industry challenges.

By Marie Yossava 6 May 2004

Crisis management: an opportunity instead of a threat

Benjamin Franklin said: "In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." Marie Yossava, would add a third to Franklin's two: "Crises will happen." Speaking at Reputation Management 2003, held at the Sandton Convention Centre last week, Yossava pointed out that although crises cannot be predicted, they can be planned for.

By Marie Yossava 7 Oct 2003

Crisis Management - how to turn it to your advantage

Read any tender or brief document and, undoubtedly, the question of crisis management tops the list of corporate communications criteria. Companies place great emphasis on a consultancy's ability to handle crisis management, (which can be illustrated by case studies), as well as their years of experience in this arena. Marie Yossava reports...

By Marie Yossava 4 May 2003

Myths vs truths

The perennial battle between advertising and public relations tends to keep both sides in a state of muted - or overt - hostility. However, many people do not know the difference between the two, much less do they recognise that they are actually complementary aspects of one aim: to communicate effectively. Some of the misconceptions are because of bias, some are because of mistakes made by practitioners of either industry but the end result is that there is often a mutually destructive tension between the "ponytails" and the "spin-doctors".

By Marie Yossava 13 Apr 2003

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