Dustin Chick

Head of strategy at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Location:South Africa


Dustin Chick is head of strategy for Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide. His experience includes the development of the reputation management strategy for Brand South Africa and successful campaigns for the World Economic Forum and the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Dustin has managed SA and pan-African communications campaigns for several major multinational brands, including Western Union, BP, Konica Minolta and Henkel. Contact him on tel +27 (0)11 709 9660, email and follow @dustinchick.
[2012 trends] It's not about trends, it's about a reality check

There are no trends in the communications industry this year. There are realities. Fundamental, yet often simple, factors which then influence how communicators can bring value to the organisations they work within.

By Dustin Chick 17 Jan 2012

ANCYL brand: organisation or person in crisis?

The suspension of Julius Malema raises some interesting questions. Sure, let's leave the politics of it all to those who manage politics and focus our thinking about what this means if, as communicators, we were charged with managing the reputation of the ANCYL. But which brand is in crisis...? The organisation or the person?

By Dustin Chick 11 Nov 2011

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