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Can you see the light? Is branding a religion? Part II

At the recent Buy-ology Symposium in Johannesburg which I attended, Martin Lindstrom drew a correlation between religious beliefs and branding. This article continues with the pillars of religious belief that could be applied to brand building that I've been discussing.

By Melissa Attree 20 Mar 2009

Can you see the light? Is branding a religion?

When I speak with people about brands and branding, I always bring up the point that a brand is not what you say it is, it's what ‘they' say it is. This prompts questions and controversy but brings me to the point that a brand is not a fancy corporate identity, it's not a snazzy logo... it's is a collection of stories, emotions and associations. With this in mind, I attended Martin Lindstrom's recent Buy-ology Symposium in Johannesburg.

By Melissa Attree 16 Mar 2009

Six tips to improve your online communication

If you remove all the tech and jargon and ‘stuff', embracing Web 2.0 concepts and thinking, it's relatively easy to make a good first impression, and, let's face it, when it comes to communicating through the web, that's all we have. Here's a short list of some things I've picked up or noticed along the way that irk me.

By Melissa Attree 12 Nov 2008

SA's first social media press release

The decision by Standard Bank to use a social media press release (SMPR) as part of the Standard Bank Pro20 Series is a bold one. This South African communication first is part of a campaign that has seen one of our most established brands get involved in the online conversation while simultaneously freeing the brand from the shackles of tradition and conformity.

By Melissa Attree 11 Apr 2008

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