Lisa Cramer is chief sales and marketing officer for FirstWave in Atlanta, Georgia, US, providing on-demand marketing automation solutions that generate, score and nurture leads for B2B marketers. For more, go to, or call +1 678 672 3102.
Scoring: a leading priority for marketers

Today, leads flow to marketing from ever-increasing online sources—email campaigns, the company website, Google AdWords and Google searches, webinars, online advertising, blogs and virtual trade shows—as well as from traditional marketing activities such as print ads, direct mail, trade shows and networking. This sheer volume of leads, or “suspects,” can be overwhelming.

By Lisa Cramer 29 Aug 2008

Being ‘first in mind'

Because the Internet has changed buying behavior forever, companies must enhance sales and marketing processes to be “first in mind” with prospects and customers.

By Lisa Cramer 26 Mar 2008

Forget the ABCs of lead scoring

If your sales team loves your ABC lead-ranking system because it really works, good for you. Stop reading and get back to generating leads. However, if your hot-warm-whatever system is leaving the sales team cold, there is a better way.

By Lisa Cramer 4 Mar 2008

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