Lehan received his B.Sc degree at the University of the Freestate, earning academic merit bursaries for psychology and biochemistry. While and after completing his degree in biochemistry and microbiology, he earned some extra money doing temp work for too many companies to mention. He has experience in science, human resources, data capturing, database building, information gathering, politics, sales, exporting and importing, human resources, counselling, operations, consulting and many more industries. He has also, while running a consulting business and second-hand office furniture business, completed a post graduate diploma in psychology and industrial psychology with distinction. After his return from Europe – where he played a part in the EURO change over project - he was offered a position as territory manager in KwaZulu-Natal for Capital Outsourcing Solutions (CAPOS). After almost two months he got promoted to business development manager and moved up to Johannesburg. Shortly thereafter he was offered the position of National Operations Manager. He is responsible for all the operational services accounts on a national level, including research, benchmarking, merchandising, field marketing, issue escalations, as well as selection, appointment and training of new staff.

For further information / comments please contact Lehan on Cell: +27 82 345 0887 or E-mail: / .
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The salesman, the sales data and the oopsy-daisy

One of the most traumatic things you will ever experience as a sales or marketing manager is having all the right info and sales statistics, planning your forecasting according to that ...and then still battling to sell anything.

By Lehan Stemmet 6 Mar 2006

C-H-O-I-C-E-S, empowerment and the origin of apparent stupidity

Sometimes, giving your customers a choice is just not on. Not always for their sake, but for your sake. Also not always for the reasons you think, but also for some reasons that may seem as trivial as the fact that you may seem like a Jack-of-all-Trades... master of none.

By Lehan Stemmet 23 Feb 2006

The Forecasting Euphoria

"My gosh! We're going to make millions man! Gazillions I tell you! Just look at this. Look at these figures. There are 43 million people in South Africa... I'm telling you man, we are going to retire next year..."

By Lehan Stemmet 19 Jan 2006

Mmm, interesting - so, uh, why did you employ me, huh?

So you advertise a position... first internal, then external. You get a couple of CV's, all shapes and sizes, chuck some in the bin before you even read them because they're simply too thick, chuck some more in the bin because they're just not good enough, and eventually keep some.

By Lehan Stemmet 12 Jan 2006

What?! Tomatoes cause cancer?!

Your first reaction is probably, "You've gotta be kidding!" Well, I'm not going to say they do or don't, because that's not the point of this article, which is about research - market research, genetic research, cancer research, consumer research, trends research, LSM research, whether internal employee/HR research or external brand image research... whatever.

By Lehan Stemmet 4 Dec 2005

''I'm thirsty!'' - and your point is?

"Right! So what do you actually want mister client?" How many times have you asked that in only the THIRD meeting?

By Lehan Stemmet 10 Apr 2005

You don't actually have any other choice, but to do your own MRD

One of the first things any client will ask of you, when selling exhibition floor space to them is: "What am I getting out of it... Is there any guarantee that your show attracts the right LSM group..." and so on.

By Lehan Stemmet 25 Jul 2004

Marketing vs Brand Building – and missing the plot

Do yourself a favour and spend a day walking from one store to the next, from one retailer to the next, from one hotdog stand to the next and just focus on what really makes you want to go back to that specific store, retailer, hotdog stand, and so on. Like with most other things in life there simply has to be a universal factor that plays a role.

By Lehan Stemmet 3 May 2004

So what if you think you have a good brand

Ouch! The title of this article might just cause a little painful twitch in some brand managers and brands' heartbeat. The fact is, it's becoming more and more apparent in the marketplace: "brand schmand." While conducting MRD's nationally I have found that many potential customers state that quality is their main concern and consideration when buying a new product, let it be a kettle or a cellular phone or arch, whatever the case may be, however...

By Lehan Stemmet 9 Dec 2003

No matter what you do, it's always about the customer

While sitting on Northcliff Hill one sunny afternoon overlooking the Johannesburg skyline I looked at all the big buildings and smaller buildings, the flat ones, the round ones, the weird shaped ones and thought to myself: what is the one thing all of these have in common? What is the one common thing all of us in business do? We provide for the needs of our customers.

By Lehan Stemmet 26 Nov 2003

Underestimating the value of simple MRD's will cost you dearly

Many of us might know that not doing proper market research will cost you dearly, but like many other things we sometimes neglect this part of growing our businesses. We see market research as an expense to the company and I think this is where the real problem comes in. When we talk about advertising and promotions most of the big corporate companies will agree that this is a critical, if not vital, part of their business.

By Lehan Stemmet 6 Apr 2003

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