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Ruth Cooper
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Ruth Cooper
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What's new at Sun City

A much loved and popular holiday destination for local and international families since the late 70s, Sun City has been synonymous with fun-filled family holidays, glitzy gambling, and an OTT African kitsch style that tourists just can't seem to get enough of.

By Ruth Cooper 8 Dec 2016

'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' captures the Potterverse magic

I'm a pretty big Harry Potter fan, like really big. I mean I travelled to Italy with my sister in 2011 and, of all the amazing things we did and places we saw, I'm pretty sure we were most excited about seeing 'The Deathly Hallows Part 2'...

By Ruth Cooper 24 Nov 2016

#EntrepreneurMonth: Fine dining fast food with Chefs

Growing food trends show a return to basics, a desire for sustainable and authentic produce and a transparency from chefs and restaurants when it comes to where and how your food is sourced and prepared.

By Ruth Cooper 18 Nov 2016

#EntrepreneurMonth: Unique activewear with Mieke

On the back of a successful reception at the recent Autumn/Winter 2017 SA Fashion Week, up-and-coming fashion designer Mieke Vermeulen launched her collection of uniquely South African activewear.

By Ruth Cooper 15 Nov 2016

Five reasons to visit the Breedekloof Wine Valley

A common misconception about the Breedekloof Wine Valley is that it's only home to large-scale wine producing cooperatives. True, Breedekloof is one of the largest wine producing areas in the Cape, however, this wine region offers so much more than that...

By Ruth Cooper 14 Nov 2016

The new sounds of Toya Delazy

After a stint of living and performing in the UK and recent African tour, Toya Delazy aka Latoya Buthelezi is back on home ground, bringing with her a new attitude and an edgier tone.

By Ruth Cooper 10 Nov 2016

A taste of the new menu at The Kitchen at Maison

The Kitchen at Maison has always been one of my top restaurants to make a drive out to, a perfect spot to take a group of friends for lengthy and lazy lunching.

By Ruth Cooper 8 Nov 2016

Leafy suburb sophistication at the Alphen's new Blanko

Besides being one of the best cities in the world (so much bias), Cape Town is increasingly getting recognised as a top foodie destination; a veritable gallivanting gastronomer's dream city.

By Ruth Cooper 2 Nov 2016

#SustainabilityMonth: Greenpop's Got Wood

This past September you may have noticed your social media feeds filling up with images of strapping young naked men covered by strategically placed foliage, wheelbarrows or watering cans.

By Ruth Cooper 20 Oct 2016

#SustainabilityMonth: Rocking the Daisies pioneer in festival greening

Since its inception in 2006, Rocking the Daisies has always striven to promote green principles and practices and over the years has further entrenched and expanded on these views and initiatives.

By Ruth Cooper 6 Oct 2016

Celebrate spring with the #StellaSessions

Flipping flip flops it's great to start feeling the first tendrils of spring start to unfurl in the Mother City - warm breezes and denim blue skies, I welcome you!

By Ruth Cooper 5 Oct 2016

#InnovationMonth: Navigating stories with VoiceMap's Iain Manley

We chat to founder Iain Manley about city storytelling for #InnovationMonth.

By Ruth Cooper 28 Sep 2016

Polydimension progression with ISO

Today sees the release of ISO's latest album, 'Polydimension'. I got in touch with vocalist Richard Brokensha to find out about the band's sixth studio release as well as his thoughts on the SA music scene.

By Ruth Cooper 16 Sep 2016

Five things to do in Paarl and Wellington

I recently spent an enjoyable two days exploring, dining and drinking in Paarl and Wellington. Here are my top five activities when spending a weekend round these small-town parts.

By Ruth Cooper 13 Sep 2016

Overtime with Das Kapital

Dance Music DJ and producer Das Kapital recently launched a compilation album, Das Kapital Presents Overtime, showcasing 15 of the best new recordings from his Do Work Records stable. We chat to him to find out more as well as his plans when it comes to musical progression.

By Ruth Cooper 8 Sep 2016

#WomensMonth: Moyin Oloruntoba, focussing on African youth culture

Winner of the 2016 Fairlady Women of the Future Rising Star Award, the passionate Moyin Oloruntoba, shares some insights...

By Ruth Cooper 31 Aug 2016

Dramatic dining at Benguela on Main

I always look forward to meals and quite often they are the highlights of my day; planning them, preparing them and most importantly eating them is just so enjoyable and quite frankly the words "Shall we get a snack?" can immeasurably brighten my day.

By Ruth Cooper 17 Aug 2016

Time for Medicine Boy

Medicine Boy; a talented local duo act consisting of Andre Leo and Lucy Kruger offers a soulfully grimy and silkily dark sound and aesthetic. We chat to Lucy Kruger about their new LP 'Kinda Like Electricty' which releases today.

By Ruth Cooper 15 Aug 2016

Old charm at Webersburg

Webersburg, one of the oldest wine estates in South Africa is still looking pretty good for 219-years-old. Nestled on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain just outside of Stellenbosch, this boutique estate boasts traditional Cape Dutch style buildings and cellars...

By Ruth Cooper 2 Aug 2016

J-Bay's best: Surf Lodge South Africa

Jeffreys Bay is synonymous with surfing. The multitude of beaches and point breaks surrounding this small coastal town, plus the fact that it boasts one of the best right hand point breaks in the world, attracts surfers of all skill levels.

By Ruth Cooper 21 Jul 2016

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