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Trainer and Educator at The Writing Studio
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As a freelance film and theatre journalist for more than 30 years, published playwright and creator of the independent training initiative The Writing Studio, Daniel Dercksen received the number one spot for most popular lifestyle contributor for 2012, 2014 and 2015, and 2nd spot in 2016 on Bizcommunity.com.
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#OnTheBigScreen: Emotions, Courage and Emojis

Vasselinetjie, The Emoji Movie, Stronger, Yerma, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Asinamali will be opening at local cinemas this week.

By Daniel Dercksen 6 hours ago

#OnTheBigScreen: Horror, espionage and human drama

This week three local films are released; Vaya, Inxeba (The Wound), Five Fingers for Marseilles. Other releases include Stephen King's IT, American Assassin, Home Again, Norman, Armed Response and Lucknow Central.

By Daniel Dercksen 15 Sep 2017

An exceptional film about an extraordinary artist

If there's one film that will change the way you see the world, it's the superbly crafted masterwork, Maudie from British filmmaker Aisling Walsh...

By Daniel Dercksen 11 Sep 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Love and War, Good vs Evil

The Exception, The Dark Tower, Logan Lucky, The Glass Castle, 9/11 and The Poster Boys open at local cinemas this weekend.

By Daniel Dercksen 8 Sep 2017

South Africa helps to bring Stephen King's The Dark Tower to life

When filmmakers searched for locations to shoot the highly anticipated film of Stephen King's celebrated The Dark Tower book series, they found a perfect home in South Africa.

By Daniel Dercksen 5 Sep 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Kidnapping, Hustling, Motherhood and Angels

There are seven new films released this week; American Made, First Kill, The Inhumans, The Bounce Back; Sleight; Fun Mom Dinner and Part 2 of the NT Live Angels In America.

By Daniel Dercksen 1 Sep 2017

#OntheBigScreen: Spies, Romance, Renoir and Sun City

Atomic Blonde, 2..22, Maudie, Renoir - Revered and Reviled and 10 Days In Sun City all open at local cinemas this weekend.

By Daniel Dercksen 24 Aug 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Hitmen, Head hunters and Angels in America

Finders Keepers, Annabelle: Creation, The Hitman's Bodyguard, Detroit, A Family Man and Angels in America open at local cinemas this weekend.

By Daniel Dercksen 17 Aug 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Women in Love, Obsession, Revenge and Kidnapping

Below Her Mouth, The Lost City Of Z, My Cousin Rachel, Son Of Bigfoot and Snatched open at local cinemas this weekend.

By Daniel Dercksen 10 Aug 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Krotoa, Baby Driver and Japanese Art

This week you can set your imagination free with new film releases; Krotoa; Baby Driver, Girls Trip; Brimstone and Hokusai: beyond the Great Wave.

By Daniel Dercksen 3 Aug 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Van Der Merwe, Dunkirk, Nina Simone and Goya

This week real life is transformed into reel entertainment on the big screen with; Dunkirk, Van Der Merwe, Nina, Viceroy's House and Goya - Visions of Flesh and Blood.

By Daniel Dercksen 27 Jul 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Intergalactic War, Captain Underpants and Princess Salome

Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, Things To Come and the National Theatre Live's production of Salome open at local cinemas this weekend.

By Daniel Dercksen 20 Jul 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Ape battles, human nature and Japanese art

War For the Planet of the Apes, The Circle, Wakefield; The Odyssey and Hokusai: beyond the Great Wave open at local cinemas this weekend.

By Daniel Dercksen 13 Jul 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Zombies, Spider-Man, Churchill and Peter Pan

Nul Is Nie Niks Nie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Churchill, The House and Peter Pan open at local cinemas this weekend.

By Daniel Dercksen 6 Jul 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Despicable villains, disputing lovers and social media bullying

All Eyez on Me, Paris Can Wait, Heartbeats, Despicable Me 3, Outcasts, Once Upon A Time In Venice and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf open at local cinemas this weekend.

By Daniel Dercksen 29 Jun 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Transformers, Romantic Rivalry and Deadly Obsessions

Transformers: The Last Knight, The Promise, Tubelight, Everything, Everything and Obsession open at local cinemas this weekend.

By Daniel Dercksen 22 Jun 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Cars, hard partying, explosive action and art

Cars 3, This Beautiful Fantastic, The Hunter's Prayer, Rough Night, Michelangelo - Love and Death, Free Fire and A Case For Christ all open at local cinemas this weekend.

By Daniel Dercksen 15 Jun 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Monsters, deadly secrets and live opera

Before I Fall, The Gifted, The Mummy, The Whole Truth, Toni Erdmann and Der Rosenkavalier open at the local cinema this weekend.

By Daniel Dercksen 9 Jun 2017

What to watch at the Showroom Theatre

If you are looking for world-class entertainment and a well-deserved break, escape to the quaint and cosy Showroom Theatre in Prince Albert in the heart of the Karoo where you can see Elvis Blue, Chris Chameleon, Emile Minnie, Three Tons of Fun and Blacksmith Band and Jenny & the Jameses during June and July.

By Daniel Dercksen 5 Jun 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Wonder Woman, Baywatch and Live Theatre

Baywatch; Their Finest; Wonder Woman and The Old Vic Theatre's production of Tom Stoppard's comedy Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead all open on the big screen this weekend.

By Daniel Dercksen 1 Jun 2017

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