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Rod Baker is Content Director at A journalist since before computers, he worked on a wide range of magazines and, in his youth, rose through the ranks from being a lowly and abused sub-editor, to a high and still abused editor and publisher. He has been editor and publisher of a number of magazines, as well as a newspaper. He has edited many books, and written a number too. Email him at .
The best and the worst...from Google's Top 10, to a really bum idea...

Whatever our field, there are campaigns, adverts, articles that we love to remember, and others we would rather forget. But no one will let us... (videos)

By Rod Baker 18 Dec 2014

Air Mauritius... it's like floating on air

Mauritius is just a few hours away and a great destination for the family, or yourself if you just want to get away from it all. So how do you get there? Air Mauritius.

By Rod Baker 4 Aug 2014

Married in Mauritius

No, not Seattle... Mauritius, though cynics might suggest that wherever it's intoned, the longest sentence in the English language is "I do"*.

By Rod Baker 27 Mar 2014

Ambre - 4-star with 5-star service

Feel like a getaway without the kids? Feel like getting married and need a romantic venue? Try Ambre... now Adults Only

By Rod Baker 23 Mar 2014

Janet Heard resigns from Cape Times

Janet Heard, assistant editor (head of news) at the Cape Times, has resigned.

By Rod Baker 20 Mar 2014

The SABC: Rotting from the top

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela released her report on the SABC yesterday. The report - 'When Governance and Ethics Fail' - paints a damning picture of abuse of power, mismanagement, waste and corruption, and outright dishonesty at the public broadcaster.

By Rod Baker 18 Feb 2014

Isidingo's Lesego Motsepe dies

NEWSWATCH: Isidingo star Lesego Motsepe has died, reports Mail & Guardian.

By Rod Baker 21 Jan 2014

Oprah: It's all cisterns go

Heart, cease thy pounding... TV talk show celebrity Oprah Winfrey recently fixed a toilet in the home she shares with partner Stedman Graham, reports Ireland's TV3. It seems she accomplished a bog-standard repair.

By Rod Baker 20 Jan 2014

Gauteng colour codes ads? With our money?

NEWSWATCH: Gauteng's use of ANC colours in billboards and posters - supposedly to publicise the administration's work, but using ANC party colours - has raised questions, reports Mail & Guardian.

By Rod Baker 17 Jan 2014

Malaria outbreak: Limpopo issues travel warning

A malaria outbreak in Limpopo has led to the issuing of a travel warning and the dispatch of health teams to the province, reports the SABC.

By Rod Baker 13 Jan 2014

Cape Times row boils on... and over?

NEWSWATCH: The abrupt departure of Chris Whitfield from Independent Newspapers has been blamed on editorial interference, reports Mail & Guardian.

By Rod Baker 10 Jan 2014

Found! Another use for condoms... possibly... or not?

NEWSWATCH: The Independent (UK) reports that some elderly South Africans are using condoms for a different purpose... easing arthritis pain.

By Rod Baker 9 Jan 2014

Alyce Chavunduka has died

NEWSWATCH: The SABC's first black female TV news presenter Alyce Chavunduka has died at the age of 46, reports Mail & Guardian.

By Rod Baker 8 Jan 2014

Whitfield takes 'early retirement'

NEWSWATCH: Independent Newspaper's group executive Chris Whitfield has taken early retirement but will not give further details yet, reports Mail & Guardian.

By Rod Baker 7 Jan 2014

Carte Blanche complaint invalid

NEWSWATCH: A complaint against Carte Blanche by a company offering services to obtain visas has been ruled invalid by the BCCSA, reports The Citizen.

By Rod Baker 6 Jan 2014

'Allo 'Allo' ... 'ave I ze word for you!

IOL reports the French, those masters (and presumably mistresses) of seduction, have come up with a word for sexting.

By Rod Baker 30 Dec 2013

The world's most bizarre New Year's traditions

The world's 10 most bizarre New Year's Eve rituals (and you thought YOUR family had strange traditions!)

By Rod Baker 30 Dec 2013

Tony Weaver's 'Madiba Moment'

NEWSWATCH: If you didn't read it, you should here is Weaver's 'Madiba Moment', and while we're about it, we'll also take a look at how a silent protest against Alide Dasnois' dismissal as editor of the Cape Times, was hijacked. (video)

By Rod Baker 18 Dec 2013

Adverts we wish we hadn't done

The world of advertising is no stranger to adverts that those who commissioned and created them... wish they hadn't.

By Rod Baker 18 Dec 2013

Tech's top of the flops

A light-hearted look at some of the biggest consumer tech failures in tech during 2013.

By Rod Baker 18 Dec 2013

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