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Joanna is MD of Ogilvy Public Relations South Africa ( She started her career at Microsoft SA before going on to London, where she worked at Schroders Investment Management. In 2005 Joanna returned and joined Ogilvy PR SA as an account director in the agency's consumer team, later becoming consumer business director. Contact Joanna on tel +27 (0)11 709 9630, email and follow @joopr24 on Twitter.
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Africa's development potential is about reputation

As the bitter cold January winds swept through the alpine town of Davos this year, delegates at the 2015 World Economic Forum portrayed a warm picture of economic growth in Africa...

By Joanna Oosthuizen 21 Apr 2015 14:23

[2012 trends] The year of the phoenix

Twenty Twelve, year of the dragon, a leap year and the year the world as we know it is meant to end. I believe it will, not in a dooms-day fill-my-bunker-with-canned-food kind of way but in a thinking, progressive, collaborative and connective way. It's a phoenix year, where great ideas and people will rise from the economic ashes and drive informed action.

By Joanna Oosthuizen 26 Jan 2012 12:37

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