Henrie Geyser joined the online publishing industry through, where he worked for five years as news editor and editor. He now freelances for a variety of print and online publications, on the subjects of cars, food, and travel, among others; and is a member of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists.
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Chevrolet blazes a new trail

Chevrolet's big-easy Trailblazer has been given a nifty makeover with a liberal addition of fancy technology and safety features...

By Henrie Geyser 15 Feb 2017


Silky drive and striking presence

The Volvo S90 executive sedan has just strutted into South Africa as the sexiest and smartest car in the Swedish carmaker's history...

By Henrie Geyser 6 Feb 2017


Refined Triton armed for battle

The long-awaited Mitsubishi Triton has finally arrived in South Africa and it was well worth the wait because in its new guise it is much more attractive...

By Henrie Geyser 31 Jan 2017


Sportage moves to upper class

Hyundai and Kia have risen through the ranks quite dramatically from the el cheapo bottom feeder level to where they are now becoming a very serious threat...

By Henrie Geyser 19 Jan 2017


Tucson is top of its class

Tucson built its popularity on practicality, reliability, competitive pricing, chunky good looks and the backing of a class-leading service plan - all of which have been retained in the all-new model...

By Henrie Geyser 3 Jan 2017


Our Ultimate 4X4 Trips Collection review

This comprehensive guide to 22 of Southern Africa's top 4X4 routes and destinations is one of the most informative and entertaining travel guides I have come across...

By Henrie Geyser 21 Dec 2016


Baby Opel with the X factor

Opel is stepping up its onslaught on the local compact SUV market with the pre-Christmas unwrapping of the latest version of its popular Mokka...

By Henrie Geyser 8 Dec 2016


Pajero Legend 11 is formidable

Whenever Mitsubishi South Africa produces a Limited Edition vehicle it is guaranteed to become a sell-out, as proved yet again by the Pajero Legend 11...

By Henrie Geyser 25 Nov 2016


Budget Kwid priced to please

Like an astute fly-half, Renault spotted a gap in the entry-level car market and took the opening with its new teeny, funky-looking SUV-styled Kwid...

By Henrie Geyser 17 Nov 2016


Baleno is a shiny Suzuki star

The new Suzuki Baleno, which has been enthusiastically acclaimed and backed by strong sales across the globe, has arrived in South Africa...

By Henrie Geyser 10 Nov 2016


H-1 is a talented multi-tasker

Hyundai's versatile H-1 people-carrier is a master of multi-tasking and talented enough to effortlessly cope with the demands...

By Henrie Geyser 2 Nov 2016


New Honda BR-V is an easy rider

Honda's popular local stable of sports utility vehicles (SUVs) has been strengthened with the addition of an all-new, good-looking and attractively priced BR-V range...

By Henrie Geyser 18 Oct 2016


Transmission and power boost for Soul

Kia has enhanced its funky cross-over status by arming its flagship Soul 1.6 CRDI SMART with a new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission...

By Henrie Geyser 5 Oct 2016


Classy Megane oozes fun

The new Renault Megane has strutted into South Africa with the cocky confidence of being the most sophisticated and sexiest...

By Henrie Geyser 27 Sep 2016


A guide to SA Flower Route

The Visitor's Guide Flower Route is a beautifully-illustrated, detailed overview of South Africa's spectacular annual kaleidoscope of wildflowers, often described as the greatest flower show on earth...

By Henrie Geyser 19 Sep 2016


Tiguan adds shove to VW pack

The new Volkwagen Tiguan has moved up from Business Class to First Class with distinctive upmarket looks and attractive styling...

By Henrie Geyser 14 Sep 2016


Ranger targets the leisure market

Ford has strengthened its marketing onslaught with the addition of nine new 2.2 automatic derivatives to make it the most comprehensive line-up...

By Henrie Geyser 7 Sep 2016


Jaguar F-Pace is a class act

The Jaguar F-Pace might be a Johnny Come Lately in the snooty top end of the SUV market in this country but it certainly didn't waste much time...

By Henrie Geyser 1 Sep 2016


Limited edition funky Captur

Renault has extended its popular Captur range with the addition of a funky Sunset Limited Edition turbo diesel model of which only 100 will be sold in South Africa...

By Henrie Geyser 22 Aug 2016


Smart Civic is fun to drive

The 10th generation Honda Civic range has arrived in South Africa, bristling with rich new features, sleek and stylish looks, premium handling...

By Henrie Geyser 17 Aug 2016

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