Profile motoring editor Henrie Geyser () has worked as a journalist in Cape Town, London and Windhoek for the Argus Company (now Independent Newspapers) and spent 12 years at The Cape Argus in Cape Town. He then owned and ran a public relations consultancy for 13 years. He joined the online publishing industry through, where he worked for five years as news editor and editor. He now freelances for a variety of print and online publications, on the subjects of cars, food and travel, among others; and is a member of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists.
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Fortuner is a capable good-looker

The much improved new Toyota Fortuner is destined to strengthen its position as South Africa's favourite family SUV with predicted sales of more than 1,000 a month...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 24 Jun 2016


Polestar only for the lucky few

Mercedes-Benz is represented in the performance league by AMG models, Audi joins the fun stable with its S and SR variants, and BMW's M-badged speed-mobiles form the other point of the triangle...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 26 May 2016


Jaguar XF has sharp claws

The Jaguar XF is one of the latest members of the leaping feline family with looks, class and performance claws sharp enough to attack the lucrative top-end market segment...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 19 May 2016


Smart is cute and clever

The funky new Smart, 'baby' of the vast Daimler stable, is even cooler, and it is bigger, safer, more fun to drive than its predecessor and enriched with a wide range of new fancy kit...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 10 May 2016


MX-5 retains fun-and-smile spirit

The new fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 retains the same winning smile-on-your-dial recipe which made it one of the top selling two-seater rag tops of all time and it has already raked in a number of prestigious awards...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 3 May 2016


Coupé enriches C-Class appeal

Mercedes-Benz is renowned for producing sexy cars in addition to its executive-pleasing luxury sedans - and they have done it again with the stylish new C-Class...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 26 Apr 2016


Kadjar is a new SUV challenger

Following in the tracks of its popular Duster and Captur, Renault has launched a new three-model Kadjar in this country to take on some of the leading contenders in the tough C-segment SUV market...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 22 Apr 2016


Astra is a performing star

The Opel Astra, 2016 European Car of the Year, has arrived in SA with a cabinet filled with prestigious international awards and a fleet of eight models ready to equal (and probably beat) not only the best...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 20 Apr 2016


Mazda CX-3 is a strong newcomer

The nippy new Mazda CX-3 is, in many ways, a slightly more muscular Mazda CX-2 and other than it being powered by a 2-litre engine rather than the 1.5 that drives the CX-2...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 8 Apr 2016


Everest is a likable tough guy

The Ford Everest smartly disguises and underplays its tough-guy capabilities with polished gentle giant looks, cosseting comfort, spacious living quarters and best-in-class flexible seating setup...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 4 Apr 2016


Passat is top of its class

The latest Volkswagen Passat is an elegantly understated, medium-sized executive sedan brimming with levels of comfort, refinement, spaciousness and ride quality...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 18 Mar 2016


New Tucson is tough to beat

Hyundai has resurrected its popular Tucson model and it certainly won't struggle to find grip in the SUV market which it dominated with 22,716 sales between 2005 and 2010...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 16 Mar 2016


Classy and hot new BMW 340i

The BMW 3 Series is the founder of the modern sporty sedan segment - a crown it has been wearing for nearly 40 years by successfully leaving the opposition in the dust with a succession...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 11 Mar 2016


Comfortable, practical driver pleaser

The second generation Audi Q7 has shed some weight and is also shorter, narrower and lower, lighter on juice and emissions and richer in smart technology than its predecessor...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 8 Mar 2016


Grand, spacious and comfortable Kia

Kia has tailor-made a smart boardroom suit for the elegant attire of the third-generation Sedona so that it is suitably dressed to impress in the company of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 3 Mar 2016


New vehicle sales slump further

The slump in local new vehicle sales continued in February, spreading across all segments, including exports, to record a year on year drop of or 8.1% or 4,236 units...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 2 Mar 2016


Type R races towards ultimate trophy

The Honda Type R has joined an elitist top five group racing for the ultimate World Performance Car of the Year 2016 title and it comes as no surprise because this tar-scorcher is one of the fastest...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 23 Feb 2016


Volksie Kombi replays popular tunes

I have been to most of the lovely game parks in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe in a wide variety of vehicles, but a recent 3,000km trip from Cape Town up the Garden route...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 15 Feb 2016


Isuzu bakkies are tough contenders

Bakkies are hugely popular in this country, just like "utes" in Australia and "trucks" in Yankeeland, and South Africans have a vast choice of brands and models in 4x2 or 4x4...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 8 Feb 2016


Honda Type R is a sizzler

The new Honda Civic Type R has arrived in South Africa at last - and the turbo-fed, scorching fast "race car for the road" is a beaut, both in looks and performance...

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 1 Feb 2016

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