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Ruth Cooper
High Fives for IT
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Ruth Cooper
And Bizcommunity is so social
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Autumn indulgence in Elgin

A stay in one of the air stream trailers at Old Mac Daddy in Elgin has been on my bucket list since they opened. Luckily, last week, this item on the list was satisfactorily ticked off, with a stay in the aptly named trailer: The Dream.

By Ruth Cooper 18 hours ago

Gerald Clark, the nomadic Afro-Boer

After the release of recent album 'AfroBoer & The Golden Goose' Gerald Clark packed his tent and his 'Golden Goose' (his gf) and hit the road, embracing the nomadic life while touring the new album all over the country. We sent him a few questions to find out more.

By Ruth Cooper 23 May 2016

#AfricaMonth: Umlilo the post-kwaito pop prince(ss)

Musician and artist Umlilo is awe-ing local and international markets with his unique post-kwaito electronica, socially conscious lyrics and gender-bending avant garde style.

By Ruth Cooper 18 May 2016

#AfricaMonth: Q&A with Loyiso Madinga

2014 Savanna Newcomer Award winner Loyiso Madinga, who is also performing at the forthcoming 2016 awards, answers a few quick Q&As with us for Bizcommunity's #AfricaMonth.

By Ruth Cooper 16 May 2016

The rolling hills of Brahman

The bathroom at the Oribi self-catering cottage at Brahman Hills in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands is an exhibitionist's dream come true - a shrinking violet's worst nightmare.

By Ruth Cooper 21 Apr 2016

Game reserve getaway

An hour's drive from King Shaka International Airport in Durban is the secluded Tala Collection Private Game Reserve. Boasting up-close-and-personal game spotting of giraffe, rhino, zebra and so much more this reserve is a perfect itinerary stop if exploring the KZN area.

By Ruth Cooper 20 Apr 2016

#CommerceMonth: Q&A with Cape Union Mart Group

We chat to Georgia Barry e-commerce manager of iconic South African retail brand Cape Union Mart. Gathering insights into their three sub brands; Poetry, Old Khaki and the recently launched Tread+Miller as well as trends in the local online retail spheres.

By Ruth Cooper 19 Apr 2016

My head is an animal for Monsters and Men

The weather remained on the gloomy side, however we twirled our whiskers and fluffed our fur and scampered forth into the I of the Storm in the gardens botanical to Dirty Our Paws and give praise to the awe-evoking grouping Of Monsters and Men.

By Ruth Cooper 1 Apr 2016

#BrandManagerMonth - Sophie Doherty of Big Concerts

Sophie Doherty, the marketing manager of Big Concerts, gives us insight into the brand management of South Africa's biggest promoter.

By Ruth Cooper 24 Mar 2016

The Swiss Adventure Part 2 - Curling and Klosters

Day two in Switzerland dawned clear and sunny with not a cloud in the sky or a whisper of wind; however, it was still cold enough to make you catch your breath when first stepping out of any form of heating.

By Ruth Cooper 23 Mar 2016

Tap(as) into the Haiku taste

I have a love/hate relationship with tapas. When done right they offer so many different bites of deliciousness and are perfect for sharing with those you love...

By Ruth Cooper 18 Mar 2016

The Swiss adventure part 1 - A day in Davos

The crack of virgin snow, your boots the first to break the pure. Inhale the air so fresh and damp; fill your lungs and exhale a puff of icy smoke. It's all so still, so silent, the crunch crunch of footsteps the only sound.

By Ruth Cooper 16 Mar 2016

#BrandManagerMonth: Jana + Koos

Responsible for ad campaigns, brand management, exhibitions and activations such as Simon & Mary, Nike, Workshop Newtown and JHB Hates You, Jana Hamman and Koos Groenewald from concept studio Jana + Koos are true brand management mavericks.

By Ruth Cooper 3 Mar 2016

Tiny Talent - Q&A with Lorraine Loots

Born after the decision not to pursue art, Lorraine Loot's originally personal project - just to create something for one hour of the day - has blossomed and snowballed, through the power of talent and social media, into a very successful full-time artistic career.

By Ruth Cooper 1 Mar 2016

[Design Indaba 2016] Less tests, more testicles

Friday at Design Indaba 2016 showcased a girl power beginning and ending. From motion-charged fashion accessories to ethereal meets tech gesture-controlled gloves, the third and last day was bracketed by creatively powerful women.

By Ruth Cooper 22 Feb 2016

#DesignMonth: Formative takes a bow

Formative is a stage and production design agency that specialises in seamlessly run events and concerts.

By Ruth Cooper 18 Feb 2016

#DesignMonth: The age of Pichulik

Winning countless awards and appearing on runways and in fashion shoots across the world, Pichulik bespoke jewellery is as bold, brave and unique as its creator. We grabbed some time with founder and designer Katherine-Mary Pichulik to chat about the art of creation.

By Ruth Cooper 11 Feb 2016

#DesignMonth: That Rich Mnisi style

Rich Mnisi only graduated in 2014, but has already made a name for himself as a ground-breaking fashion designer, winning many prestigious awards and appearing on many hot-young-things lists. We got in touch with him for Bizcommunity's Design Month to chat about style and success.

By Ruth Cooper 4 Feb 2016

The Little Lion Men conquer Cape Town

Marcus Mumford, all long legs and charming accent, has disappeared from stage. Cameras follow his leap down to level ground, climb over the barrier and project it on the two big screens that hug the stage.

By Ruth Cooper 3 Feb 2016

#DesignMonth: Louis Minnaar, creative maverick

Chances are that you have encountered Louis Minnaar's outstanding work at one time or another, be it a music video or flyer for your favourite band or a catchy ad for a well-loved brand.

By Ruth Cooper 1 Feb 2016

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