eNews goes international - 14 Aug 2012

By Rod Baker, content director

eNews goes international - Tue, 14 Aug 2012eNews has been a success story on the South African TV front and has shown the way in providing news to its audience. Now it's spreading its wings and going international. It will launch on the SKY digital satellite platform in the United Kingdom. Group head of news, Patrick Conroy, says "This will give us access to over 10 million homes in the UK. What is really significant though is that we will have access to the South African expat community. If they want news from home it's just a click away."

Moeletsi Mbeki, brother to former president Thabo Mbeki, is one of the most respected political economists and commentators in SA, and he says that inequality and unemployment are holding SA back. He says: "One of the fundamental problems of SA is that you have a separation between the people who hold political power and the people who hold economic power," adding, "If there was a more unified ruling class in SA you would have more certainty."

Cadre deployment by the government has sometimes been a contentious issue. Now Karen Heese and Kevin Allan examine the high delivery cost of deploying cadres.

Our own Sindy Peters took time out to do something great for the environment and she ended up getting dirt under her fingernails planting trees in Zambia, where, she says "me became we". Sindy also achieved a career goal - turning over a new leaf, at last she was (pardon the puns) a branch manager (if only for three weeks).

Finally, on the motoring front, our motoring editor, Henrie Geyser says the new Mercedes B-Class is first class - just like the man himself (our words, not his).
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