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Mscsports announces appointment of Carrie Delaney as managing director

Mscsports, an award-winning sponsorship agency, is proud to announce the appointment of Carrie Delaney as their new managing director.
Carrie Delaney, newly appointed managing director at Mscsports
Carrie Delaney, newly appointed managing director at Mscsports

This strategic decision comes as Mscsports' co-founder and CEO, Neil Jankelowitz, transitions to the role of Group CEO at Mohau Media Group, to focus on the group's strategic growth.

Carrie Delaney has been an integral part of the Mscsports team, serving as the client services director and contributing significantly to the agency's success and growth. With her extensive experience in the field of sponsorship and a deep understanding of client needs, Delaney is ideally positioned to lead Mscsports into its next phase of development. Her promotion to the position of managing director reflects the trust and confidence that Mscsports has in her ability to guide the agency to new heights of success.

Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to work with renowned clients such as SAB, launching Red Bull into the South African market as well as some internationally acclaimed brands and had the privilege of being involved in the prestigious 2010 FIFA World Cup. Due to her commitment to excellence and her deep understanding of the sponsorship landscape, she transitioned from contractor to full-time employee, in 2019, taking on the role of account director and was later promoted to business unit director in September 2020, overseeing the company's blue-chip accounts and industry right holders.

I am determined to propel Mscsports to new heights of success.
– Carrie Delaney, Mscsports

Mscsports managing director Carrie Delaney: "I am deeply humbled and honoured to be appointed managing director of Mscsports. This promotion is a testament to the unwavering support and belief of our exceptional team, esteemed clients, and valued stakeholders. With boundless enthusiasm, I eagerly embrace the future and wholeheartedly commit to advancing this award-winning agency. As I take the helm, I am thrilled to lead this extraordinary team of talented and inspiring individuals. Together, we will explore untapped growth opportunities, foster innovation, and deliver unparalleled excellence to our valued clients through impact marketing.

"This promotion marks the beginning of an exciting chapter driven by an absolute dedication to client satisfaction and fuelled by my passion for the industry. I am determined to propel Mscsports to new heights of success. Our steadfast focus remains on our vision to challenge, inspire, and shape the world of sport and entertainment!"

Under Carrie Delaney's leadership, Mscsports will continue to leverage its expertise in sports and entertainment sponsorship to create innovative and mutually beneficial partnerships. The agency's commitment to delivering exceptional results and maximising the value of sponsorships remains a dedicated focus, with her commitment to excellence and her passion for delivering exceptional results, Mscsports is well-positioned to achieve even greater success in the coming years.

Commenting on the appointment, Jankelowitz expressed confidence in Delaney's ability to lead the agency to new heights: "We are thrilled to make this announcement! Carrie has consistently lived true to our purpose which is to challenge inspire and shape the world of sport and entertainment and bring our Impact Marketing USP to life. Over the past five years, we committed to transforming our agency, and Carrie's appointment is a significant step towards our desired state. I have no doubt that Carrie will continue to develop and ingrain our culture as well as grow the agency."

Delaney's appointment marks an exciting new chapter for the agency. She is already hard at work ensuring a seamless transition and charting the future course of Mscsports. Mscsports will undoubtedly continue to provide world-class sponsorship solutions, exceptional client service, and pioneering strategies to elevate the success of its clients.

11 Jul 2023 09:40