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Regent Business School relocates to new and larger premises in Cape Town

Regent Business School is proud to announce its move to a new and expansive campus located within The Boulevard Office Park on Searle Street in Woodstock, Cape Town. The school's state-of-the-art facilities will provide students with access to cutting-edge technology in a forward-thinking, 4IR-focused environment with a fresh approach to evolutionary way of teaching.
Regent Business School relocates to new and larger premises in Cape Town

The move to the new premises is a testament to Regent Business School’s commitment to providing its students with the best possible experience in higher education. With contemporary educational spaces and access to a range of 4IR technologies including 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, drones and prototyping technologies, the new campus is designed to foster collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and innovation.

The new campus together with Regent’s makerspace (iLeadLab) and enterprise development unit (redHUB) will be situated in the heart of Woodstock - a vibrant and creative precinct in the Mother City.
Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Gwyn Hill-Lewis, recently visited the new campus and was very impressed with the facilities and the school's commitment to providing a high-quality education to its students. “The Regent Business School is an important part of the Higher Education sector in Cape Town, their investment in upgrading their campus is evidence of that. It is encouraging to see a campus which empowers students to thrive in a 21st century world.”

According to Regent Business School's managing director, Dr Ahmed Shaikh, “Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our teaching methodology and approach to curricula reform. In the midst of a very challenging period for higher education, largely driven by the fallout of the pandemic and many years of disruptive technology deployments, we are nonetheless doing our absolute best to reflect deeply on how higher education in general, and Business School’s in particular, are able to respond to these seismic changes in every society around the globe. On a parallel track with our reflections, we are experimenting with new and interesting ways in which we can positively impact the communities we serve across Southern Africa. Our new campus in Cape Town is a tangible expression of our current thinking”.

The school's goal is to make higher education accessible to more students by providing them with the best possible educational experience, and this move to a new and bigger campus is just one way to achieve that goal.
Regent Business School is confident that students will greatly benefit from the new premises and the cutting-edge technology and resources available to them.

This new campus space is defined by openness, creativity and digitalisation; along with a large Makerspace and student collaboration pods. These agile spaces afford teachers and facilitators the ability to respond to a range of student needs with multiple seating options, a flex zone for unique learning activities including exercise balls, kidney tables, standing tables, sofas and floor tables.

The team at the new Cape Town campus is eager to welcome its students and is excited to raise the bar for higher education.

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3 Mar 2023 13:52