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Y presents On Road

Y delivers On Road, a visual content experience of Jozi street culture through the eyes of Owen Miller.
Y presents On Road

South Africa’s biggest commercial youth radio station, Y, launches a 6-episode medium format content concept that delves into the culture of art, film, music and fashion.

The show covers everything from the growth of sustainable fashion, the difference between storytelling and self-expression through commercials and other forms of visual content, street art in the city and its translation to galleries as well as the people behind the music industry.

The host, Owen Miller, says that growing up in the East Rand with a lot of diversity but not much exposure made him want to move to the city as soon as he matriculated. He has been living in Jozi for almost a decade where his deep interest for the various sub-cultures was fulfilled. “On Road is a visual diary of our art and the communities that shape these movements. It’s about the culture – praising those that came before and inspiring those that will follow,” he said.

“This production illustrates the next step in Y’s evolution. The brand refresh in October 2021 was the gateway to fulfilling the brand promise of serving its audiences access to all things Y. The audio drama series, experiential events and now longer format visual content displays the brand’s commitment to never standing still and its promise to entrench itself in culture.” said Y’s managing director, Haseena Cassim.

Last year the youth brand dropped the successful YouTube series The Banques and Venom Show, which has received over 1.5 million views. Tequila AF received success as young adults were drawn to the magic of the audio drama.

The 6, 13-minute episodes in the On Road series, can be viewed on the Y App as well as eVOD (local on demand platform) from 7 September.

Listen to Y on the YFM app, Openview HD, DStv Channel 859 or FM 99.2.

7 Sep 2022 10:12