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YFM has the youngest commercial audience in South Africa. It's become known as the capital of youth culture. As the most influential proponents of local South African music, YFM is a 75% music, 25% talk station. The sound of the station is defined by a well-curated collection of the best local and international hits. YFM is a balanced platform supporting not only established artists but new, up and coming acts. YFM proudly supports the South African music industry, boasting over 50% in local content. With a multi-channel approach, the station has an audience of 2.5 million across, radio and digital platforms. If it's hot, you're most likely to hear it on the authority on all things trendy, YFM 99.2.

YFM characterizes their core audience as "young South Africans who are imaginative, curious and ambitious. They are continuously seeking new ways to improve their lives and their communities so that they are able to lead successful and rewarding lives."

YFM describes itself as "the soundtrack to an urban life - fast-paced, energetic and uplifting with a mix of a few quiet moments so that you can catch your breath in the middle of Jozi madness." Hip-Hop, house, kwaito, and R&B form the core of YFM's sound, with occasional rock or pop music thrown in. YFM devotes 80% of airtime to music, but the rest goes to talk radio.

YFM was one of the very first venues for Kwaito artists, and the station owes much of its success to the success of Kwaito. As YFM's DJ Fresh was quoted by BBC World, "A majority of artists who are big right now - we made them they made us."

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