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Skin Renewal proudly introduces the highly innovative Endymed

Currently the first medical aesthetic clinic to offer Endymed Pro's specific device-driven tech to patients, Skin Renewal is not only excited about this advancement in skin and body treatments, but understands what it means for patients. Founder and medical director Dr Maureen Allem's key focus has always been continuous investment in the latest anti-ageing technologies, products and staff training. "This approach allows us to offer combined solutions, giving our patients infinitely better results," she explains.
Skin Renewal proudly introduces the highly innovative Endymed

With Endymed Pro's series of treatments; Endymed FSR (Fractional Skin Resurfacing) Ablative Radiofrequency, Endymed 3DEEP RF Tightening and Endymed Intensif RF Micro-needling you get choices – from top to toe – that mean safe and effective ways to deal with many skin challenges. And no matter a patient’s skin type, this revolutionary rejuvenation tool works safely to lessen discomfort and risk (think post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) and keep downtime to the bare minimum. Translation? As skin rebuilds the collagen it needs to rejuvenate, it does so without severe trauma. And that’s the best news for darker skin types that can react and for skin prone to pigmentation if inflammation hits during treatment.

The Expert Endymed Pro Journey at Skin Renewal

“Being treated and cared for at Skin Renewal means guidance and support from an expertly skilled aesthetic medical doctor and medically trained therapist, committed to your journey and tailoring treatments to your specific needs,” says company CEO, Victor Snyders. While the latest skin-turnaround tech may be tempting, it’s only as proficient has the adept hand that controls the device. “Our doctors supervision means medical-care-meets-medical-machinery,” he explains. “Patients will always be consulted, treated and looked after post-therapy by specialists, and that is professional service we are so proud to always give.”

Effective Endymed Pro: What Skin Renewal can treat now

Skin Renewal proudly introduces the highly innovative Endymed

Skin and Body Tightening and Texture Refinement:

For skin laxity (loose, crepe-like skin), wrinkles and even scarring, Endymed FSR (Fractional Skin Resurfacing) Ablative Radiofrequency can be used safely on the face and body. This treatment falls into the Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvenation category and is considered resurfacing to tighten and work on skin texture concerns. While heat is the means of therapy, the blend of fractional ablation + 3DEEP™ Volumetric Heating tech gives Skin Renewal’s medical therapists the heightened ability to create and remodel healing collagen. There is no light energy being delivered to the skin when having FSR and therefore there is no risk of creating pigmentary disorders, making this treatment an excellent choice for darker skin types that require skin resurfacing.

For treatment of the eye area, safety is always top of mind. This particularly delicate skin not only shows the signs of aging due to its thinness, but it’s prone to breaking down. For treatments to conquer sagging of the lids the EndyBleph done with FSR (Fractional Skin Resurfacing) is the treatment of choice.

Skin Lifting & Tightening:

Endymed 3 DEEP RF Tightening with the Endymed Mini-Shaper (for skin) and Endymed Contour (for Body) uses many radio frequency producers to move an intensely focused energy directly where it’s needed. And that means deep into skin. Able to stimulate the creation of new and strong collagen and elastin fibres, tighter and smoother skin is the result. This Endymed option is also ideal for jowls, as it can be used on the neck, jawline and chin area.

Scarring, Ance Scars and Rough Skin Texture:

Imagine the power of skin needling when teamed up with laser? And imagine that it’s not going to cause harm to those with darker skin tones worried about PIH? That’s what Endymed Intensif RF Micro-needling means for the treatment for scars (including acne scars), deep wrinkles and even stretch marks. It’s new-age micro-needling with far less chance of skin trauma. How this happens is with adjustable tapered gold-plated needles, delivering RF energy down the full length of each individual needle (triggering collagen remodelling), is applied over the skin in a focussed, controlled technique. In medical terms that translates to potent micro-needling with full blood coagulation, so the skin bleeds and bruises less – for patients, far less risk and faster recovery!

Skin Renewal’s journey to always offer comprehensive and innovative rejuvenation solutions to patients is a testament to the versatility of Endymed. Ultimately this new medical tech and its treatments are all about revolutionary collagen creation and remodelling. Happier, healthier and youth-boosted skin is always our goal.

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18 Mar 2022 14:32