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Meet the revolutionary injectable: Treat loose skin with a non-invasive facial overhaul

Non-invasive injectable therapies like neurotoxins and dermal volumisers have long been the gold standard in anti-ageing prevention and care. And while they remain a winning formula for expression lines such as bunny lines - and definitely for wrinkles - for those battling skin laxity, there's a new category into the injectable market. Profhilo (Bio-Remodelling) is known to make all the difference. Not replacing targeted injectables that work so well, it rather teams up with these treatments to offer a solution-based approach to age prevention. While neurotoxins and dermal fillers hone in on specific concerns, Profhilo gives an overall boost, helping skin remodel and reshape once more. Are you concerned about laxity and that crepe-like look? Thanks to Skin Renewal's launch of Profhilo in South Africa, now there's a powerful and sustained solution in an injectable form. Got you interested? Read on...
Meet the revolutionary injectable: Treat loose skin with a non-invasive facial overhaul

The Key Ingredient

Hyaluronic acid (HA) has long been a significant buzz term in the skincare and anti-ageing industry. As it naturally occurs in the human body (especially the eyes and joints), use HA in skincare, and it gives your body's largest organ multiple benefits. Not only does it soothe dry skin as it's well known for its hydrating properties, but HA also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and speeds up wound healing. So, if it can do all of that when formulated into a cream, just think about the magic it can create when injected into the upper layers of the skin!

The Highest Hit

Combine the benefits of this super-ingredient with a surge in concentration – that's one of the most exciting innovations of Profhilo. It contains the highest strength of HA available on the market, formulated for those lacking collagen and elasticity in their skins. Another factor that makes this treatment remarkable is the expertise of those injecting it. Skin Renewal's aesthetic medical team have years of experience and skill with injectable procedures. So the introduction of Profhilo Bio-Remodelling means powerful shots of cutting-edge innovation performed by ultra-capable doctors.

Best Benefits

So how does all this HA work to reshape and re-texturise skin? It sets the natural rejuvenation process in motion by slowly releasing the substance that your skin desperately needs to stimulate collagen and elastin production. And it's the collagen that gives skin its firmness while elastin keeps it tight. As a result of this action, you'll see better skin tone, texture, hydration, and less noticeable fine lines. And remember that while Profhilo is remodelling lax skin that's lax (crepe-like areas including the décolletagehands, arms and knees), you can still target concerns with neurotoxins and dermal volumisers to fill in wrinkles or plump out hollow areas. At Skin Renewal, we think of it this way: Profhilo is your full-face overhaul for outstanding skin rejuvenation and renewed strength and neurotoxins, and dermal volumisers mean targeted treatments for specific concerns.

The Profhilo Plan

Meet the revolutionary injectable: Treat loose skin with a non-invasive facial overhaul

Your skin will be injected with an exceptionally pure form of synthetic HA, inserted into the skin's upper layers with a small, fine needle. With its extremely fluid consistency, the HA used can disperse effortlessly into skin, meaning proper penetration so that it creates a ‘scaffold’ for the surrounding tissues. Your complexion will then reap the rewards of hydration and skin sculpting thanks to the phenomenon of bio-re-modelling. Effects take just a short amount of time to start to show, with a suggested two sessions (spaced four weeks apart), to see maximum benefits. Want to maintain the best results? Schedule a course of two treatments every six months. Downtime is zero, so it's back to work – or back to #WFH – instantly, and you'll resume virtual meets straightaway too.

Have you been looking for a solution for sagging skin that needs a texture boost?  to healthier, glowing and firm skin once more! Profhilo Bio-Remodelling is the answer for skin that's lost its laxity and needs all the benefits of ultra-concentrated HA. Whether your skin requires improved tone, texture, moisture or the smoothing out of fine lines, this powerful and effective injectable means low to medium risks or complications, quick procedure time, zero anaesthetic and no time in recovery.

2 Nov 2021 10:42