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The way men take care of their skin is evolving

There once was a time when the men's grooming section consisted of shower gel, razor blades and face wash. Now, however, men understand the importance of a good skincare and grooming routine. They've also discovered the benefits of professional skincare treatments including those that can slow down the ageing process. The sooner one starts using preventative treatments and products, the better the long-term result. After all, as with most things, it's much easier to keep something in good shape by maintaining it, rather than fixing it once it's broken.
The way men take care of their skin is evolving

Here are just a few ways we’re helping men look and feel their best at Skin Renewal.

‘Lunch break’ injectables

Today, many men want to defy the signs of ageing. Thanks to new innovations in injectable treatments such as wrinkle-relaxing botulinum toxin and volume-boosting dermal fillers, they can. The former is a great way to get rid of frown lines and deeply-etched crow’s feet. Not only does this turn back the hands of time, but it also creates a more relaxed, approachable look.

As far as filler is concerned, many men are relying upon it to instantly get rid of dark under eye circles. These often get blamed on too many sleepless nights or allergies, but in most cases, their appearance is the result of a thinning of the tissues just below the eye, something that happens over time. Fortunately, this can be fixed with the use of fillers and the results can last anywhere from nine months to a year and be topped up at any time.

Our 3D approach to acne

The skin is the dashboard of the body. Often, when I see patients with inflammatory skin conditions like acne, it’s a sign of an underlying problem. Investigating to find out exactly what that is, is vital otherwise you’re just treating the symptom – acne – and not the actual cause of it. This is why, at Skin Renewal, we take a holistic approach to wellness. Generally, once the internal systems function properly, the appearance of the skin will automatically improve. Then, topical treatments can further assist in clearing the skin. In the case of acne, the most effective approach is to include a combination of treatments - which includes a variety of peels, lasers and specialised treatments - to tackle the problem from every angle.

One of acne’s side effects is scarring and, for some, this may stem from teenage days. Fortunately, we can reduce the appearance of both old and new scarring with treatments such as skin needling procedures, peels, lasers, the platelet rich plasma (PRP) facial or a combination thereof. The severity of the scarring would indicate the treatment plan most suited for best results.

Temporary and permanent hair removal

At Skin Renewal, we treat many men for unwanted hair on the face or body, something that can interfere with a well-groomed appearance. Laser hair removal has shown great success to permanently remove hair on the back and neck, whereas bushy eyebrows can be trimmed, and hair in the nostrils and ears can be managed by waxing.

Men’s skins are thicker than those of their female counterparts, with more and larger hair follicles due to higher testosterone levels. As a result, the hair removal process may require more treatments than ladies’ might. However, we use the most advanced machines around to deliver great results that are virtually painless.

In short, at Skin Renewal, there are lots of ways we’re helping men look like the very best version of themselves. If you’re interested, make an appointment to chat with any one of our doctors.

About the author

Dr Graham Duncombe is a general practitioner with a special interest in aesthetic, anti-ageing and cosmetic medicine. He is based in Cape Town and consults from Skin Renewal’s Stellenbosch, Willowbridge and Paarl branches.

10 Feb 2021 14:03