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Homemakers distribution figures reach all-time high

With so many publishers closing their doors in 2020, it seemed that the print magazine industry was on the heavy decline. This was not true for the 39-year-old Homemakers publication. Their massive distribution reach of 290,000 has put them in a league of their own.
Homemakers distribution figures reach all-time high

Halted by lockdown regulations, the popular magazine could not be printed for two months, which led to a decrease in overall sales. This did not impact Homemakers as one would predict. “Homemakers magazine is easily found all over South Africa and as soon as we could go to print after lockdown levels had eased, it was game-on! In December 2020, stand distribution stations were found empty in record time,” says Reuben Louw, CEO of Homemakers Media Holdings.

If you happen to find an empty Homemakers stand at your local Pick 'n Pay or Spar, it's evidence of the demand for a credible magazine to assist homeowners in their home improvement journey. What does this mean for the home improvement industry? It means the effects of Covid-19 by keeping people home has allowed homeowners to start making their homes, havens.

Homemakers is iconic for its emphasis on advertiser's credibility. It is the key element that makes Homemakers, Homemakers. If you are looking for experts and products to help you create the perfect home, paging through a Homemakers magazine will give you all the options you need, with a guarantee that the advertiser has a good track record.

Lockdown was a difficult period nonetheless. This is when Homemakers decided to launch a trendy digital magazine. The magazine is a lifestyle publication published for all six regions (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and the Vaal area). The magazine's offering covers everything from the publisher's traditional homeowner-related content to expert advice columns, trend reports and, more recently, health and wellness articles too. It's a one-stop-shop for decorating inspiration and advice, popular DIYs and great reads that include a visually-appealing Wanderlust article that appears every month with an emphasis on local travels.

The magazine lands in a staggering 145,000 inboxes across the country. Read the latest issue here or subscribe and join thousands of South Africans who are as passionate about home as you are!

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22 Jan 2021 07:32